Should Hybrid/EV Drivers Pay Their Fair Share?

I mentioned back on May 31 that North Carolina was looking to slap some extra taxes and/or fees on people who drive hybrids and electric vehicles (Chevy Volt’s and Nissan Leafs would be in this category). Fox News noticed what NC is looking to do, and mentions (on their front page) the whole “fair share” issue, as around 10 other states have done/looking to do

North Carolina is joining a growing number of states exploring new fees for hybrid and electric car owners to help make up for revenue those drivers aren’t paying in gas taxes on their fuel-efficient vehicles.

The proposal strikes many owners of alternative-fuel vehicles and some advocacy groups as a wrong-headed approach to balancing priorities of promoting U.S. energy independence with sustainable infrastructure funding. But policymakers and some experts argue taxing hybrid and electric vehicle owners is a matter of making sure all drivers help maintain the roads they use and construct new ones. (snip)

Sen. Neal Hunt, R-Wake and a chief budget-writer, argues the policy ensures all drivers are contributing their fair share toward maintaining the roads and services they all use.

“I just seems logical to me that they should pay a small fee for the use of the highways and the wear and tear they put on the highways,” he said.

Liberals love the fair share meme, so they should be A-OK with policies that make sure everyone is contributing their fair share to maintaining the infrastructure. So, will you liberals support these policies?

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10 Responses to “Should Hybrid/EV Drivers Pay Their Fair Share?”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    I would argue that the liberal idea of “fair share” also means “those who can (in our opinion) afford to pay more, should pay more.”

    Many of the hybrids are being sold to upper income families. Let them pay more. They were happy to take a tax break / rebate from the government (funded by the US citizen) so as they can afford to pay more for road taxes, they should.

    After all, we need union jobs under the overreaching “infrastructure” label, so they can pay for that.

    Step up to the bank, liberals.

  2. BS_Gumballs says:

    I sense your sarcasm there. only a bit, but I caught it.

    I too love the irony in all of this.

    I also find it ironical that we are now beginning to follow the path of the Atlas Shrugged. Anyone else starting to see the similarities?

  3. john says:

    of course that will happen in the future as more and more cars go greener and greener. Totally electric vehicles SHOULD pay a road use fee, I guess maybe the electric tax will get subtracted since otherwise they are paying 2 fuel taxes??? That wouldn’t be right Teach would it ? The motor fuel tax in NC is 6 cents per gal. this works out to about 1/4 cent per gallon per mile (25mpg) so sure mayve the 30 dollars a year tax that gas driven cars paid for 12000 miles. That would be their “fair share” of the special fuel tax

  4. john says:

    but “hybrid” no can’t see that. Those people are just getting better mileage out of theri gasoline powered vehicles. I mean you don’t think high MPG carws should pay more do you ?

  5. gitarcarver says:

    As usual, john has problems with math and logic.

    First he claims the taxes on a gallon of gas in North Carolina is 6 cents per gallon. That is false.

    According to sources, the taxes on a gallon of gas in North Carolina is $0.38 cents. In addition, the Feds add on an additional 18.1 cents per gallon.

    That is not $30 per year and in fact, was revenue of $1,551,660.000 in 2010 for North Carolina alone.

    John also asks if high mileage cars should pay more, and the answer is “yes.” (Or lower mileage cars should pay less.) The taxes and fees generated by gas taxes are supposed to go to road maintenance and infrastructure. Therefore it is only fair that a car that gets 40 miles of use of those roads and infrastructures should pay more than a car that gets 20 miles of use. In fact, in Oregon, the state is looking at mandating installing mileage monitors on vehicles so a person pays a rate based on how much they drive on the roads and not a “fuel tax.”

    So here is john, the resident liberal actually arguing against what is “fair” and taxes.

    Liberal hypocrisy – it is inbred.

  6. Not sure where you get 6 cents, John. It’s actually 37.8 cents per gallon for the state tax.

  7. Kevin says:

    If they tax hybrids to make up for the gasoline tax they lost, will they give rebates to Hummer owners because they are paying more than their fair share?

  8. BS_Gumballs says:

    Yes Kevin, I believe they will.

    And I believe that what Sen Rubio tells me is true. I trust him. The media trusts him so that is good enough for me.

    We are all about equality and fairness in this nation, right?

  9. Kevin says:

    I think ‘fair’ to a liberal just means ‘more’.

  10. BS_Gumballs says:

    Wait… that doesn’t sound …. fair.

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