“Bronco Bama, Please Save Us From Hotcoldwetdry!”

Today’s example of an unhinged ObamaZombie, here’s Philly.com’s Michael Yudell

Mr. President, use your bully pulpit on climate change!

“We will respond to the threat of climate change knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations,” an emboldened President Obama declared in his inaugural address Monday. Following the disconcerting absence of climate change from campaign 2012 and limited climate policy action during his first term, the president has finally told us that not only will he act, but that we (and he) have an obligation to do so. What could be more important, after all, than acting on behalf of our children and future generations?

What could be more important? Well, how about putting the country on a sound financial footing, so there is a country for our children and future generations? How about asking Obama to reduce his own “carbon footprint”?

Michael then treats us to a number of measures that Obama can take to destroy the coal industry, raise CAFE standards, and regulate through the EPA, thereby increasing the cost of living for Americans, though he doesn’t quite put it that way.

Meanwhile, the forecast is for 24 degrees in Philly today. And for 20’s to low 40’s over the next ten days. Oh, yeah, I forgot, cold weather is caused by greenhouse gases.

Perhaps, then, the president’s most important job between now and the 2014 mid-term elections is to raise that number — to foster a movement that will chase the climate change deniers from office. There is one important and thus far underused tool in the president’s arsenal that can help move the public on this urgent matter: the bully pulpit.

At his inauguration, Obama seemed keenly aware of this power. His desire to be remembered as a transformational president will be for naught if he is first remembered as the leader who had the last great chance to do something meaningful about climate change and failed.

Yeah, let’s not forget about all the “green” energy companies which failed while taking taxpayer money. And still there are no Warmists, including Obama, who practice what they preach.

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One Response to ““Bronco Bama, Please Save Us From Hotcoldwetdry!””

  1. Brian says:

    His desire to be remembered as a transformational president will be” absolutely and positively assured for this, the most divisive president in the history of this coutry. Never before has any president selected a cabinet comprised entirely of chronic screw-ups. It will take a century for a few dozen other transformational presidents to fix the damage that those screw=ups have done and to transform this country back to normal. Obama has set a precedent alright. He has created a need for transformational presidents.

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