NY Times Writer Demonizes People With Depression, Wants Their Right To A Gun Taken Away

This is what I was writing about when I mentioned that dealing with gun restrictions on people with mental health issues is a slippery slope. Here comes Wendy Burton, form far left political speech writer, who starts off with a long missive about how some drunk was looking to break into her home, so she called the police, who came and took the drunk away, then

(NY Times) I considered buying a gun. The threat of violence rattles you like that. What rolled round my head after that dark morning was: what if I hadn’t heard the noise, what if it’s different next time? While I held that chair with all of my strength, I wished that I had had a gun because if he had gotten in, then I could have pointed it at him, maybe deterred him and if necessary pulled the trigger.

So I looked at guns. Some had mother-of-pearl handles and looked like something Mae West would use in a movie. Others were Glocks, shotguns and rifles. I had gone as far as to dial the number of the Metropolitan Police Department’s firearms registration division and begin the process. Then I stopped and put my BlackBerry down.

I remembered who I am.

I am one of the millions of people in this country who live with depression. I knew that in the gun registration form there would be a version of this question: Have you ever voluntarily or involuntarily been committed to a hospital? The answer is yes — voluntarily. But because my hospitalization was years earlier and I wasn’t in treatment at the time, I could have gotten a gun.

People with depression are obviously more prone to commit suicide than others without. And having a gun makes it that much easier than pills, hanging, or slitting wrists. Does that mean that The Central Planning Office should deny people with depression the Constitutional Right to self protection with a gun? Ms. Wendy thinks so. The title of the article is Please Take Away My Right To A Gun

But since most people like me are more likely to harm ourselves than to turn into mass-murdering monsters, our leaders should do more to keep us safe from ourselves.

Please take away my Second Amendment right. Do more to help us protect ourselves because what’s most likely to wake me in the early hours isn’t a man’s body slamming at my door but depression, that raven, tapping, rapping, banging for relief.

I have a better chance of surviving if I never have the option of being able to pull the trigger.

Here’s an idea, Wendy: don’t buy an f’ing gun!!!!!! No one is forcing you to buy one. There’s no guy or gal wearing a big coat on the corner enticing you to purchase one. There are no commercials advertising them on TV (unlike alcohol, which is a factor in 30% of all US suicides). You have the option to not buy one.

Instead, what Wendy wants is to remove the right to buy a gun from people who are little to no threat to others because they have clinical depression, and wants this done by The Government. Typical fascist liberal.

Is there a point where someone with depression might have their 2nd Amendment Right pulled? Probably. But Wendy is demonizing all with depression, making a blanket assertion to deny rights. Typical fascist liberal.

Funny how she fails to mention that perhaps The Government should do more to stop the criminals, and goes after law abiding citizens with mental health problems. And forgets to mention that perhaps we could help those with depression. Instead, she wants to make them targets for criminals. Typical fascist liberal.

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU.

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8 Responses to “NY Times Writer Demonizes People With Depression, Wants Their Right To A Gun Taken Away”

  1. Brian says:

    The current Pugh Research Poll says that 59% of the people polled believe that althoigh the country is in poor shape and going downhill and in the wrong direction, 52% of those people polled approve of the job that Obama is doing.

    Go figure.

    Half of the people in this country are certifiably nuts. You know that by now, don’t you?

  2. Brian says:

    Should we conclude from that poll that 52% of the people in this country want the USA to become a 3rd rate country?

    That would affirm my lomg held belief that, rather than elevating themselves, those 52%ers want to bring the rest of us down to their level.

  3. Brian says:

    Oops, long held, not lomg held. Sorry ’bout that.

  4. er says:

    Congress had about a 9% approval rating and yet about 94% of incumbents were reelected.

  5. Brian says:

    Yeah, and 5% retired, rather than choosing to run again.

    It must be the climate; i.e., in 2-year cycles, the new candidates get worse than the old candidates.

    But we’ll have to consult the warmists to validate my theory, or to get a creative and even more imaginary novel viewpoint on the issue.

  6. Brian says:

    Nah, they will just say that it was George Bush’s fault.

  7. HoosierHawk says:

    I read Wendy’s article before seeing this post, I believe she was making an appeal that none of us should have 2nd amendment rights, because she (and others) need to be protected from themselves.

    Strange little logical twist that, almost like she agrees with the God given right to self defense, but because the biggest threat to her life is herself, guns must be banned. I’m pretty sure there is no God given right to be protected from one’s self, it doesn’t line up with the concept of free choice, which defines our essential nature.

    It would be a very good idea to allow people to place themselves on the banned from buying guns list on a voluntary basis. If someone doesn’t think they should have a gun, let them have their way.

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