Bummer: “Winter Doesn’t Seem To Exist Anymore”

That would certainly cut down on people freezing to death, frostbite, injuries and deadly accidents in the snow and ice, crops being ruined from cold, and would cut down on spending for seasonal wardrobes. Though I do love wearing a nice leather jacket (via Tom Nelson)

(Technician) “People need to wake up. This is not a political ploy, it is science,” Bruck said. “A global holocaust is what it will take for people to wake up after tens of thousands of people die.”

Bruck said mankind is a large contributor, if not the sole cause, for the excessive warming of the earth.

Winter doesn’t seem to exist anymore,” Bruck said.

Someone needs to tell the people in China, Alaska, Russia, and Europe this, since they are dealing with serious cold temperatures right now. Oh, and as California is going through a massive cold snap.

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11 Responses to “Bummer: “Winter Doesn’t Seem To Exist Anymore””

  1. pat says:

    Here in Hawaii I am in a sweater and sweat pants indoors. It sure seems cold.

  2. RandyG says:

    I will remember that when the temp falls to -25 below vero this weekend here…

  3. RandyG says:

    -25 below zero even!

  4. john says:

    Gee Teach extreme cold AND heat maybe the climate is changing huh?

  5. Dana says:

    According to the National Weather Service, we are supposed to get 2 to 4 inches of no more winter tonight. And since the NWS is part of the government, well we know that they’d never lie to us!

  6. gitarcarver says:

    Gee Teach extreme cold AND heat maybe the climate is changing huh?

    No one has said otherwise, john.

    The world has had changing climate for billions of years.

    The question is “what, if any, is man’s contribution to that climate change?”

  7. proof says:

    I’ve lived here in California for the better part of the last half century, and I can’t remember a winter with as many sub-freezing nights here in the Sacramento Valley as we had (and are continuing to have) this year. Must be “glo-bull warming”!

    People are building bonfires around their crops to try to prevent freezing. Probably some of those high tech, low pollution bonfires!

  8. Gumball_Brains says:

    Hey Proof. I sure would have liked some of that cold global warming when I spent a year living in Red Bluff about 15 years ago. Don’t recall needing much of a coat then. In fact, 1998/1999 was sure warm. And wet. Moved to Red Bluff right after the summer of 1998 flood of the Sac.

    “A global holocaust … tens of thousands of people die.”
    excessive warming of the earth.

    ummm.. dooooood!!! Look out your window for a moment.
    Where are the thousands of people dying due to the excessive oppressive devastating global-holocausting boiling temperatures?

    Geez.. take a chill pill.

    • proof says:

      I’ve lived through a lot of triple digit temps in the summer time..curiously fewer the last couple years, but never more than one or two sub-freezing nights a year. I think tonight will make the fifth or sixth consecutive sub-freezing night in a row this winter.

      I’m about to build a bonfire next to my swimming pool ice rink.

  9. Someone please tell me John was making a joke?

  10. Gumball_Brains says:

    No, sorry. He wasn’t. He truly believes that the climate is NOW changing.

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