Kids In Israel Won’t Know What Light Rail Looks Like

It’s so terrible! Won’t someone think of the schoolkids!

(Jerusalem Post) Thursday’s “storm of the decade” provided the requisite shots for the rare winter storm in Jerusalem: haredim praying at the Western Wall, snow clinging to their black hats.

The Dome of the Rock, the golden dome bathed in a light dusting of white.

At the peak of the snow, children trampled through more than 20 centimeters of fresh white powder, smashing snowballs into unsuspecting parents and trying to turn every kind of plastic bag into a sled. In Sacher Park, one optimistic winter aficionado even cross-country skied through the fresh snow.

Bus service within the city was canceled and even the light rail was unable to function due to a technical problem.

This was the biggest snowfall in Jerusalem since 1992.

Schoolkids in Lebanon also don’t know what schools look like, since they were shut down due to the heavy snow.

Elsewhere, Britain is bracing for a massive winter storm. Obviously, all this is caused by too much heat causing greenhouse gases. (Last 2 links via Tom Nelson)

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6 Responses to “Kids In Israel Won’t Know What Light Rail Looks Like”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:


    If only we could somehow warm up the atmosphere and stop the snow before it kills again!!!!!!!!

  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    Oh, hey, I want to ask our esteemed AGW specialists here on TPC. If the theory goes that global warming will cause an increase in disease and vector outbreaks in areas that are warming, and the southern latitudes and equatorial regions are the warmest places on earth, then how come Boston and Chicago are some of the northern latitude areas that are being hardest hit by this year’s flu? More so than the southern areas?

  3. Don’t forget, warming also causes cooling.

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    OH. Aw crap.
    We’re screwed.

  5. john says:
    not much compared to the 3 feet that fell in 1920 The Church of All Nations and the Russian Orthodox Church of Mary Magdalene stand out on the Mt. of Olives. In 1911 Jerusalem had 11 straight days of snowfall. The record amount of snowfall in modern times is 3 feet, which fell in 1920.
    or the 11 straight days of snow in 1911 The Israeli government has also joined in the “conspiracy” and believes in climate change
    If this is the most snow in 20 years looks like the world has gotten warmer.

  6. Gumball_Brains says:

    If this is the most snow in 20 years looks like the world has gotten warmer.

    Do you even read what you write?

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