Boehner Provides A Choice Phrase To Harry Reid

Can you guess what it is?

(Politico) House Speaker John Boehner couldn’t hold back when he spotted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in the White House lobby last Friday.

It was only a few days before the nation would go over the fiscal cliff, no bipartisan agreement was in sight, and Reid had just publicly accused Boehner of running a “dictatorship” in the House and caring more about holding onto his gavel than striking a deal.

“Go f— yourself,” Boehner sniped as he pointed his finger at Reid, according to multiple sources present.

Reid, a bit startled, replied: “What are you talking about?”

Boehner repeated: “Go f— yourself.”

The harsh exchange just a few steps from the Oval Office — which Boehner later bragged about to fellow Republicans — was only one episode in nearly two months of high-stakes negotiations laced with distrust, miscommunication, false starts and yelling matches as Washington struggled to ward off $500 billion in tax hikes and spending cuts.

If only Boehner would have been that forceful when speaking to the liberal media and (NMP) Obama.

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13 Responses to “Boehner Provides A Choice Phrase To Harry Reid”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    I don’t buy it.

  2. Rob in Katy says:

    So, he tells dingy harry to fuck off and then he turns around and fucks us! WTF ?

  3. Trish says:

    I say it to my TV every single night and day I see Reid’s or any of the other loser democrats’ ugly faces. Now I am saying it to every single stinking politician. We are doomed, and there is no going back. Stock up on ammo food and supplies, it’s going to be a long four years.

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    Blogger Bob Owens feels exactly the same way.

    He’s been reposting history of how our First American Revolution really started….. the attempted confiscation of our guns and ammo.

  5. Trish says:

    I’ll check on Owens, need all the advice I can get! Anyone see this absolute moron Donald Kaul??? Phew, it is astounding how far into the abyss liberal’s minds are headed! They don’t even notice their blatant hypocrisy.

  6. john says:

    The GOP should be forgiven, they have been under a lot of stress lately. Things haven’t been going well for them, and that probably will not change. Obama’s approval keeps trending up.

  7. Gumball_Brains says:

    Unfortunately, like a dead and broken clock, trolls are right once in a while.

  8. Anne says:

    It has been my experience that so called “trolls” have an uncanny and sometimes exasperating propensity to be right, directly or obliquely, most of the time. Their feedbacks always get my attention.

  9. Trish says:

    HTF is Obama’s approval going up? The worst president ever, and the numbers show it. But the media does NOT.
    We’re heading for disaster and the obots keep marching to the precipice.

  10. Gumball_Brains says:

    not in this case, no. this little troll loves to be wrong. so much so, to the point of just being a contrarian. hence,…. he’s a troll.

  11. Gumball_Brains says:

    trish, yeah, they have won. The socialists have succeeded in their long range plan of creating a majority class of classless morons who actually refuse to learn. They have created a mutant race that utterly refuses any desire to learn a truth. They’ve been trained since birth to not question authority and to only listen to the loudest voice. They’ve been taught that they are entitled to things because as a “rich” society we SHOULD get things for free. They’ve been taught that certain people got rich because they stole that money from poor people. (again, remember, they are incapable of seeking the truth or idiocy in that statement.) They accept that by taxing a mere 2% of the evil populace that 98% of the rest of America, and 10% of non-Americans can get whatever they desire – because that is only fair.

    They are incapable of deciding what is best for them due to being taught that selfishness and jealousy are perfectly ok.

    They’ve been taught now that going on public tv and calling someone a felon, a cheat, and a murderer is perfectly ok. And, since it was on TV and not rebutted, then it must be true.

    These are the same people who would have remained in England and laughed at those stupid colonialists who have betrayed their king. They would have then demanded the colonialists pay extra so that they would not have to pay the higher taxes to the king while at the same time demanding someone else pull the rocks out of their fields. And then blame the king if they should starve that winter.

    We’ve gotten to the point where we’ve negated the Darwin Effect. Our genetic mutants are living longer.

  12. Trish says:

    GB, you are correct on all fronts. Selfishness and jealousy, and self centered ideology. No higher power, only ego. Blame is big on their list too. They take and rarely give, they want and they get. And when it doesn’t work out for them, they blame. They have no morals until they need them. And they find less reasons to need them. It’s okay to have unprotected sex, and killing babies is an option that we cannot debate. But don’t you dare build that bridge or it might kill the snail darter fish. They think they know everything about global warming and don’t bother to delve into the real facts and figures. They know all there is to know about gays, and you are not entitled to an opinion about gay marriage. It goes on and on and their parents (and us I suppose) their teachers, and society in general is to blame for some of the most arrogant generation I have ever encountered.
    Okay- now that I am thoroughly depressed, it must be getting close to cocktail hour!

  13. Anne says:

    Eat some chocolate, Trish. Works for me.

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