112th Congress Set To Become Least Productive – I Fail To See The Problem

The Huffington Post’s Amanda Merkel breathlessly reports

As 2012 comes to a close, the 112th Congress is set to go down in American history as the most unproductive session since the 1940s.

According to a Huffington Post review of all the bills that hit President Barack Obama’s desk this session, Obama has signed 219 bills passed by the 112th Congress into law. With less than a week to go in the year, there are currently another 20 bills pending presidential action. In comparison, the last Congress passed 383 bills, while the one before it passed 460.

The 104th Congress (1995-1996) currently holds the ignominious distinction of being the least productive session of Congress, according to the U.S. House Clerk’s Office, which has records going back to 1947. Just 333 bills became law during that two-year period, meaning the 112th Congress needs to send nearly 100 more bills to Obama’s desk in the next few days if it wants to avoid going down in history — an unlikely prospect, considering that both chambers are squarely focused on averting the “fiscal cliff” before the new year.

Personally, I find the notion of Congress doing less a Good Thing. Take out all the renaming of Post Offices and other federal buildings and what you’re left with is typically legislation that restricts freedoms and adversely affects Americans.

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4 Responses to “112th Congress Set To Become Least Productive – I Fail To See The Problem”

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  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    I agree Teach. You’re a racist. oh.. I mean, … sorry, wrong post. Yes, I agree. The less Congress does, the better for America.

    Never understood why we are paying them $174,000 plus (with raises to come during a depression and increases in taxes on taxpayers) a year to submit laws and resolutions to name buildings. How about fix our economy? How about fix the tax codes? How about fix our international standing? HOw about going after terrorists instead of american citizens in their homes?

    Just a few thoughts.

  3. john says:

    Congress has a very low approval rating. BUT the approval rating of each legislator is high. We hate the people that others elect, not our own guys. And if we go over the cliff and taxes go up on ALL Americans gee I wonder which party will take the hit for that ?

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Taxes on all Americans are going up john as per ObamaCare.

    That is what you and people of your ilk refuse to acknowledge.

    Who passed the biggest tax increase in the history of the country? Obama and the Democrats.

    Who wants to tax even more? Obama and the Democrats.

    The truth hurts you, doesn’t it?

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