DU Really Excited About Obama Photo

It’d be nice if they weren’t hot-linking the photo (note: the DU post did not include a link to the story, nor could I find it).


Faygo Kid: This is the pic on the front page of The Washington Post tonight. This is our President.

This is why he must win next week.

First, if a Conservative used a name like “Faygo Kid” (think about it), they would be destroyed. Second, does that look like real compassion, or a hug than neither person really wants? Does it look like real compassion? Obama’s not a particularly caring person about anyone other than himself and his immediate family. He “doesn’t really like other people.”

This is what real compassion looks like

There are many things you can ding W on: fiscal irresponsibility regarding spending, a failure to explain and defend his policies, not getting tough on illegal immigration, but, one can never fault the man for compassion. George Bush genuinely seems to like people, and was never shy about showing that he truly cares. Not as a politician, but, as a person.

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One Response to “DU Really Excited About Obama Photo”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Agree on all above Teach. (I really wonder why I come here sometimes…)

    The Obama pic really looks like he is trying to kidnap her.

    The man who constantly denigrates many segments of this great nation is supposed to now care about those he vilifies?

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