Univision To Broadcast Special Highlighting More Fast And Furious Deaths

If Operation Fast and Furious had occurred under President Bush, or any Republican president, it would be a major scandal. At least 2 American federal agents and hundreds of Mexican civilian deaths, at least 1,400 weapons still missing, and an administration that has stonewalled Congress and their oversight and investigation duties. Now comes this

(Daily Caller) Spanish-language television network Univision plans to air a television special that it said reveals more violence than previously known, as well as the stories of how many more Operation Fast and Furious victims were killed, the network announced in a Friday release.

“The consequences of the controversial ‘Fast and Furious’ undercover operation put in place by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in 2009 have been deadlier than what has been made public to date,” the network said. “The exclusive, in-depth investigation by Univision News’ award-winning Investigative Unit — Univision Investiga — has found that the guns that crossed the border as part of Operation Fast and Furious caused dozens of deaths inside Mexico.”

Among other groups of Fast and Furious victim stories Univision says it will tell in the special to air Sunday evening at 7 p.m., is one about how “16 young people attending a party in a residential area of Ciudad Juárez in January of 2010″ were gunned down with weapons the Obama administration gave to drug cartel criminals through Fast and Furious.

“Univision News’ Investigative Unit was also able to identify additional guns that escaped the control of ATF agents and were used in different types of crimes throughout Mexico,” the network added. “Furthermore, some of these guns — none of which were reported by congressional investigators — were put in the hands of drug traffickers in Honduras, Puerto Rico, and Colombia. A person familiar with the recent congressional hearings called Univision’s findings ‘the holy grail’ that Congress had been searching for.”

There’s a saying in Washington: “It’s not the crime, it’s the coverup.” F&F was a monumentally stupid program, taking the stupidity of previous gun walking programs and magnifying them by walking five times the guns, failing to inform the government of Mexico, failing to track the vast majority of guns, arresting no one, failing to shut the program down after the death of a federal agent (Brian Terry), then going into CYA mode instead of being forthright and honest.

Sharyl Attkinson reports at CBS News that Congress plans on subpoenaing Kevin O’Reilly, a key figure in communications between the ATF and the White House National Security office, if he doesn’t voluntarily submit to being interviewed in the next 30 days. O’Reilly had been “suddenly transferred” to a position in Iraq, a position promised to someone else, when the investigation into F&F started.

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  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    wow. why is it non-traditional media are the only ones that are pushing real news last few years?

    Ok, silly question.

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