Warmist Kerry Emanual Says Irene Was A Tropical Storm

As Steven Goddard writes “A Year Late And A Dollar Short“. Remember, Steven was pushing the notion that “Hurricane” Irene was anything but. So did I, and I provided data to show this. I also have a post that never did get around posting that had even more data, which I will tag on below the fold. Anyhow, some folks are discussing how to rate storms over at the NY Times, and we get

Einstein said that everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler. With hurricanes, a single number is almost certainly too simple. Last year, Irene was just a tropical storm when it made landfall, but caused immense damage and injury mostly owing to flash floods caused by intense rain.

There’s no doubt a tropical storm can cause immense damage. Many times, tropical systems cause more damage, and death, from the water than the winds. Just because it’s not a hurricane doesn’t mean people should not worry, be careful, and take precautions. But it’s nice to know that Emanuel agrees that Irene was not a hurricane.

The data from said old non-posted post below the fold

Central Park

Lot’s more below the fold

La Guardia airport

Long Island, Mac Arthur Airport

Boston, Logan Airport

Bridgeport, Connecticut, Sikorsky Memorial Airport

Block Island State Airport, Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island, Theodore Francis Green State Airport

Pawtuckett, Rhode Island, North Central State Airport

All those sites should have been exposed to hurricane force winds. Or, heck, at least high tropical force winds. Yet the highest wind speed measured is 41?

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One Response to “Warmist Kerry Emanual Says Irene Was A Tropical Storm”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Wait,.. i thought it was already established that the storm was not a hurricane? Wasn’t it a consensus? Are there people denying it? /sarc

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