Globull Warming Could Make New York City Disappear In 10 Years

Yup, we’re doomed, via a memorandum from the White House

As with so many of the more interesting environmental questions, we really don’t have very satisfactory measurements of the carbon dioxide problem. On the other hand, this very clearly is a problem, and, perhaps most particularly, is one that can seize the imagination of persons normally indifferent to projects of apocalyptic change.

The process is a simple one. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has the effect of a pane of glass in a greenhouse. The C02 content is normally in a stable cycle, but recently man has begun to introduce instability through the burning of fossil fuels. At the turn of the century several persons raised the question whether this would change the temperature of the atmosphere. Over the years the hypothesis has been refined, and more evidence has come along to support it. It is now pretty clearly agreed that the C02 content will rise 25% by 2000. This could increase the average temperature near the earth’ s surface by 7 degrees Fahrenheit. This in turn could raise the level of the sea by 10 feet. Goodbye New York.

Goodbye Washington, for that matter. We have no data on Seattle.

Everybody Panic………wait, what? This is a pronouncement from a memo from Daniel Moynihan to John Ehrlichman in September, 1969? Yet another prognostication of doom and gloom that has failed to come to fruition? Hmph. Interesting. (via Free Republic from Climate Depot)

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9 Responses to “Globull Warming Could Make New York City Disappear In 10 Years”

  1. john says:

    gee Teach that is SHOCKING ! Some people (seems I read it HERE) were predicting that Globull Cooling was going to start this year. Any updates on that ?

  2. john says:

    The US Navy still thinks that global warming has a human component, perhaps you should email them and let them know of their error

  3. Could you point out where someone said it here?

    If some administration weenies in the Navy want to Believe, they are welcome to it. Doesn’t mean they’re right. Everyone KNEW that the world was flat. How’d that work out?

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    Everyone knew the Earth was center of everything. Everyone knew that the Sun orbited the Earth. Everyone knew that the state Church was right when the cure for the plague was flogging.

    Silly john, there was SOME preliminary data that could have pointed to a return to a cooling period that had similar characteristics of the LIA. No one here, NO ONE, wants to return to a Little Ice Age. The impacts from this summer’s drought (caused by cyclical El-Nino and El-Nina conditions and other oceanic cycles) look like bounty times.

    Also, I love how this story says that we don’t have any reliable data on CO2, but we want something done anyway. Interesting that nothing has changed for even today. No reliable, long term data on CO2, very little reliable long term data for temperature…. but data be damned.. we must do something now.

    One wonders, how they would react should an anti-government measure that as put forth with the same data and vigor? We need to do away with bike lanes because it creates more concrete space thus increasing global warming. We need to ban all windmills, even small ones in flower gardens because of the damage that can be done to the bird and insect populations. We have no firm data, but we know its true, so we MUST do something now.

  5. Trish says:

    If only it would ALSO make San Fran and Portland disappear, I’d buy a coal plant…

    JOHN’S BACK! Where ya been John?

    Gotta wonder Teach, if those weenies in the Navy aren’t being coerced into their “beliefs” in order to get funding for other programs? I bet there are some who do believe, and others who have to go along with these costly green changes, thanks to politics…and not to science.

  6. Gumball_Brains says:

    Hi Trish, silly john has been around for a bit. He is Pirate Cove’s Joker. He comes in and makes us laugh, and then leaves like quick lightning.

    As for the military using bio-fuel… well, they are mandated to do it, and they are paid to use that fuel. It’s basically free fuel for them. So, who would turn that down? Don’t forget, much in the military’s administration is chosen by Obama and his anti-energy people. Money means nothing to them. It’s all about symbolism.

  7. gitarcarver says:

    Teach, if those weenies in the Navy aren’t being coerced into their “beliefs” in order to get funding for other programs?

    The US Navy has plans for defense if the ice caps melt. John seems to think that means they believe in global warming.

    Of course, the military also has plans for invading Canada, or what to do if Haiti decides to attack the US, which in John’s world must mean we are getting ready to invade Canada and expect Haiti to attack us.

    The fact that john keeps throwing the Navy thing out there while knowing he is misrepresenting it shows that he is not serious and does not care to enter into a real discussion.

    In other words, Teach has a troll.

  8. Trish says:

    Okay, I’ll try not to feed him…

  9. John has been trying that Navy thing for years, and he never realizes that there are lots of politics in the navy, especially when there is a jard leftist in the Oval Office

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