Liberals Still Pretty Upset With Pepco Over Unplanned Earth Hours

Yes, liberals. We can be sure of that, and can surely believe that most are Warmists, too, since they are liberals. How do we know? In D.C., Obama took 92.9% of the vote in 2008. And now we have

(Washington Post) Dozens of irate residents and business owners lashed out at Pepco officials Friday during the first public hearing on the electric company’s response to the widespread power outages caused by last month’s violent storms.

At a heated D.C. Council hearing, which stretched well into the evening, witnesses spoke of spoiled food, sweltering nursing-home rooms, credit-card-busting hotel bills, and dangerous trips up and down dark stairwells due to powerless elevators. And they vented their frustration over how long it took Pepco to get the power back on.

One disgruntled customer said simply: “Shame on you, Pepco. Shame on you, Pepco.”

Hey, this is the type of world Warmists want to take us to, one in which there isn’t enough supply to keep the power on. This is what a world with globull warming regulations looks like, especially a night when the solar panels are receiving no light.

Meanwhile, several Maryland legislators want to assess fines to Pepco and BGE which could be over $100 million to each company under “reliability standards.” No one could have predicted the derecho, and no one did. Taking that money just means that the companies have to cut costs from somewhere else, since they aren’t allowed to simply pass on the costs, as the costs are controlled by Government. So, there could be less people to work on the lines.

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5 Responses to “Liberals Still Pretty Upset With Pepco Over Unplanned Earth Hours”

  1. john says:

    Even Rasmussen has Obama winning the electoral vot by 25%

  2. If that’s all Obama will win by in DC, he’s in pretty big trouble.

    Of course, your comment had zero to do with the post. Have you turned off all your power and stopped using fossil fuels?

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    Hey Teach,
    New news has Obama talking in Roanoke stating that no business ever made it on its own. All people and businesses were reliant and beholden to others, especially the government since it was the gov’t that built the roads and services. Thus, its ok to tax everyone. And no one has the right to complain about taxes.

    Someone might want to tell these idiots that their thinking is bass-ackwards. Without American taxpayers, there would be no government. It was the taxpayers that chose what to spend taxes on. IT was the taxpayers that decided they wanted certain services and utilities provided.

    I’m wondering how these brain dead reps think they can penalize these companies with taxes? Taxes aren’t penalties, right?

    So, we are now penalizing companies who suffered storm damage?

  4. gitarcarver says:

    New news has Obama talking in Roanoke stating that no business ever made it on its own. All people and businesses were reliant and beholden to others,….

    That is the same meme that Elizabeth Warren tried to put forth. The left loved it. The right went “spoken like someone who has never created a job in their life.”

  5. Gumball_Brains says:

    Unfort, it did not start with her. This is part of the liberal ideological underpinnings. No one, no business, can or should succeed without gov’t involvement.

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