Leftist Group Sending Out Voter Registration Forms To Dogs And Dead People

As Sweetness and Light points out, the AP seems a bit bemused by this

The voter registration form arrived in the mail last month with some key information already filled in: Rosie Charlston’s name was complete, as was her Seattle address.

Problem is, Rosie was a black lab who died in 1998.

A group called the Voter Participation Center has touted the distribution of some 5 million registration forms in recent weeks, targeting Democratic-leaning voting blocs such as unmarried women, blacks, Latinos and young adults.

But residents and election administrators around the country also have reported a series of bizarre and questionable mailings addressed to animals, dead people, noncitizens and people already registered to vote.

Yeah, no reason for mandating voter ID, eh? The article mentions the same happening in Florida, Virginia, and New Mexico, among others.

Sweetness and Light goes on to highlight that the Voter Participation Center is not a “non-partisan” group as the AP describes them near the end of the article, but a hardcore far left Democrat group associated with many other hard core far left Democrat groups, and is unshockingly against any voter ID requirements. The also push a great use of absentee ballots.

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3 Responses to “Leftist Group Sending Out Voter Registration Forms To Dogs And Dead People”

  1. john says:

    It is not up to them to determine whether they are legal voters. That is the job of the state. In fact ALL filled out registration forms BY LAW must be given to the state individuals or organizations have no right to withhold any forms, even from “Mickey Mouse”

  2. Wow, your spin in attempting to defend potential voter fraud is amazing. Had a GOP group done the same, you’d be screaming bloody murder.

    Oh, and some states have determined a method: approved ID. So, you’ll abide by their decision, right?

  3. gitarcarver says:

    In Florida, a third party voter registration group must register with the state in order to help prevent fraud. Part of that registration is the group may not solicit groups or people they know are not eligible to vote.

    This means that john is actually supporting people breaking the law.

    (And while I agree the voter registration rolls are the purview of the states, let’s not forget the DOJ sued Florida and Texas to prevent the states from doing the very thing that john says they should be doing.)

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