Bummer: Climate Change Caused Longest Cold Snap Since 1945 In N. Korea

Seriously, who will you believe, the folks who tell you that changes in climate are mostly natural or fools who blame everything on Mankind while refusing to live the carbon neutral lifestyle and wanting lots and lots and lots of donations so that Warmists can feel good about themselves? (via Tom Nelson)

(NRDC) Climate Change Deniers Resurface; Who Will You Believe?

The temperature’s cooling, the power is back on in Washington, D.C., the fires are almost out in Colorado and they’ve almost cleaned up from the flooding in Florida.

So naturally, those who continue to deny (at the peril of the rest of us) the connection between climate change and extreme weather disasters are once again raising their heads and raising their voices.

Wait, the temperature is cooling? I don’t remember the climate models predicting that.

According to the report, global warming created weather patterns which contributed to extreme severe weather events last year such as:

The longest cold snap in North Korea since 1945

Wait, what? These people really do think you’re stupid.

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3 Responses to “Bummer: Climate Change Caused Longest Cold Snap Since 1945 In N. Korea”

  1. JGlanton says:

    Whoever wrote that at NRDC is a dishonest, horrible intellect.

  2. Well, yeah, they’re Warmists, and anything that happens with the weather is because of fossil fuel usage. Hell, if the climate suddenly shifted back to a Little Ice Age type, they’d blame it on Mankind.

    And, it could shift dramatically. By some reports the LIA flipped on like hitting a light switch.

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    JG, you went over the line there. Shame on you. You need to apologize. …. calling them “intellects”. man, stop the lies!!!

    ok, wait. what am i reading? this “cooling” that all the global warming climate models predicted is now being seen in wildfires and flooding and power outages?

    And, as proof… North Korea has been cooling since 1945?!?! How do they get to be the lucky ONES!! How does the entire earth experience a warming trend, except N. Korea?

    Please tell me how we are really to take anything they say serious … at all? Even when they say something half-way truthful? It turns out to be complete bonzos.

    so what now? it’s cooling at a faster rate than the models predicted thus it proves once again that its still CAGW?

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