Warmists Concerned With How To Communicate A Dying Cult

Warmist Adam Corner is quite concerned just how to communicate to people who really aren’t that concerned with the dying cult of Gore. I have a great idea, but, we’ll get to that (I bet you can guess what I’ll offer)

(Guardian) As the dust settles on another disappointing international sustainability summit, many who work on the myriad of issues around climate change and sustainable development are taking stock. And for those who are involved in promoting public engagement with climate change, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that times are tough.

The enthusiastic, hopeful – almost urgent – buzz of public awareness and expectation that existed five years ago has long since transformed into a low, background hum. There has been no weakening of the scientific evidence that climate change – attributable to human activity – poses a range of serious risks. But there has been some weakening of the social consensus that is essential for meaningful action to minimise these risks. While claims of a collapse in public opinion are exaggerated, there is no denying that scepticism about the nature and seriousness of climate change has increased – rather than decreased – in recent years.

Where public opinion about climate change could once be characterised as a state of mild concern, it has now become an amiable – or even disinterested – shrug. The more sophisticated analyses of trends in public opinion point to a clear link between the priority with which politicians and the media have treated climate change (linked to the economic crisis), and the weight it is assigned by members of the public. The issue has moved from centre stage to somewhere barely visible in the wings. Is it any surprise people have stopped paying attention?

And the solutions offered by Corner? The same old mule fritters about about spreading awareness, indoctrination, whining about Conservatives not buying into the Warmists malarkey (we know that it isn’t about science, but about increasing taxation and governmental control).

Without a focus on better communication, the danger is that the gap between the scientific and the social consensus on climate change will continue to grow.

How about, instead, Warmists actually practice science? They should release the raw data and show how they came to their conclusions so that others can attempt to replicate the so-called climate science. That is the way science works. Oh, and if they really believe, Warmists should practice what they preach. Show us the way.

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3 Responses to “Warmists Concerned With How To Communicate A Dying Cult”

  1. Maggie Mama says:

    Solution to their problem? ? ?

    Well, whenever I want a “miracle”, I go light a candle, but I guess that’s not ecologically friendly.

    So I guess they’ll just have to accept the fact that their cult deserves its final burial!

  2. mojo says:

    Even the most idiotic of idiots eventually figure out when they’re being played.

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    mojo.. you’re being too kind.. and optimistic.

    For those who want to believe that temperatures have been rising and this past 100 years it has risen faster than at any other time, proved by tree ring studies… point them to a new study of finnish tree rings by a huge multitude of scientists that we have been on a steady decreasing temperature trend from even before the medieval warm period.

    Their only causative link is the sun.


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