Save Money On Chevy Volt, Take Fossil Fueled Flight To Hawaii

Tom Nelson picks up this but of climahypocrisy from a Volt owner

Another of our newest Chevrolet Volt commercials now airing on TV features Elissa. She’s TOTALLY in love with her Volt and plans to use her fuel savings to go to Hawaii.

A round trip to Hawaii from Detroit (the commercial says she is from Westland, Mi) puts out 1.25 metric tons of CO2. This doesn’t include the travel to the airport, housing in Hawaii, a rental car, etc. The average CO2 output world wide is 4 metric tons, and the target is 2 metric tons to stop the planet from burning up or something. Climahypocrite.

I wonder what the carbon footprint of a Volt that catches on fire is?

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2 Responses to “Save Money On Chevy Volt, Take Fossil Fueled Flight To Hawaii”

  1. david7134 says:

    Do you know if anyone has checked the concentration of carbonic acid in the oceans? If the concentration is high, then it would verify a portion of what the climate loons claim. I know they run around checking pH. But CO2 and H20 make carbonic acid and thus would help their religion.

  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    Isn’t this Julia all grow’d up? She gets a free car and proclaims she has saved herself money.

    How else can she say she saved money by spending $40,000 for a car plus another $4,000 for a in-home charging station? How can one save enough money in less than 2 years to buy an expensive Hawaiian vacation?

    I can barely afford my gas in my Kia, let alone buy a doubly overpriced new car and its electronics and then a Hawaiian vacation.

    I sure hope she is not gone too long, else that battery might drain on her.

    Obama and his stooges are attacking Romney for having a savings account. How many people nowadays have anything left in their savings accounts thanks to Obama?!!?! At least Romney knows the value of one. How long has it been since America had any money in theirs?

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