Who I Think Mitt Romney Will Pick For VP

Over at Watcher Of Weasels, this week’s question is: Whom do you think Mitt Romney will pick as his running mate and whom would you pick? Good question. (Make sure to head over to WOW Monday to see all the answers)

There are lots of good choices out there. Bobby Jindal. Marco Rubio. Paul Ryan. Many others. Many have talked about Mitt picking a vanilla male running mate, someone who won’t over-shadow him, ala Sarah Palin with John McCain. Mitt certainly doesn’t want someone who is going to overshadow his run for the White House, but someone who will be a compliment and provide stability, knowledge, capability, and power. With the way the election is playing out, Romney doesn’t need a Southerner to offset his Yankee-ness. Ann Romney has talked about Mitt picking a woman, and while there are some excellent candidates, the best is Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wa.)

Rodgers was first elected in 2004, and has worked her way up to being vice-chair of the House Republican conference, and the GOP’s fourth most powerful official. She’s worked on the Armed Services and energy committees. She has a 96 percent rating from the American Conservative Union. The Club For Growth rated her with a 94. Rodgers is stable, knowledgeable, capable, won’t make massive gaffes, and is no wilting flower. She knows how to fight back. People give her respect, because she has earned respect. She’d help Romney tremendously with the military vote, as she is married, with children, to a retired officer. Over-all, a fantastic choice, and the choice Mitt will make.

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10 Responses to “Who I Think Mitt Romney Will Pick For VP”

  1. The Watcher says:

    I posted about this over at my place; I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way.

  2. She’ll be the candidate out of left field, and a great one.

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    Another good female candidate could be Gov Mary Fallin of OK.

    However, I would be very upset with Rubio. He’s a bit less of a conservative than Romney IMO. However, I wouldn’t mind, as long as he keeps his mouth shut about immigration. but media would not let him.

    Christi might be a good choice, but again, he’s a NE RINI republican.

    I think Jindal would be a good pick just for that reason Teach: To offset his NE Yankee Republican-ess. If will help southerners who see Romney in the vein of Sen Collins.

    A good out-of-left field pick.. Rep J.C. Watts.

    Now, you want to talk about a plank that even media will be hard pressed to bash??!

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  5. david7134 says:

    I had to comment on your mention of Jindal. The only good thing about Jindal as VP would be that we would be out of Louisiana. Conservative radio in LA has been talking about how much better the state was under Edwards rather than Jindal. The only problem we Edwards was that he was a crook (went to jail), liberal/progressive/communist, and was corrupt. But he did know how to balance the budget and kept his policies out of our lives.

    Jindal is the man, the one and only, that screwed up medicare. He came up with the stupid reimbursement method the country uses and what has killed the trust. He has come up with a school voucher program, that is not practical. But he is a bread and butter RINO.

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  7. LD Jackson says:

    Representative Rodgers sounds like a good pick. It will be interesting to see how the race changes, once Romney announces his choice. Speculation has it that he will make it sooner, rather later. I don’t think that would be a bad thing to do.

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  9. C. P. says:

    What I know is that Mitt Romney, my state’s former governor, should in my opinion, stay away from VP picks that may be too inexperienced, too unpopular, are RINOs or could cost the Republicans a seat in Congress, especially if the governor in a particular state is a Democrat, and even a liberal one for that matter (no offense to those intended). The ones I think Mr. Romney should avoid include those like U.S. Senator Kelly Ayote (NH), Ex-Gov. Sarah Palin (AK), Ex-Gov. Jon Huntsman (UT), U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (Ill), Ex-Mayor Rudy Guiliani (NY), Governor Chris Christie(NJ), U.S. Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins (ME), U.S. Senator Scott Brown (MA), Former U.S. Senator Bob Bennet (UT), Ex-Governor Marc Racicot (MT, or however Montana is abbreviated), Ex-Governor and Former EPA Director Christie Todd Whitman (NJ), Ex-Governor Paul Cellucci (MA), Ex-Governor Bill Weld (MA), Former Secretary of State Condi Rice, U.S. Senator Larry Craig (MN, I think), U.S. Senator Dan Coats (IN), Former Governor John Rowland (CT), all log cabin republicans (no offense to them, though I am only thinking about someone with moral values for the sake of families), Governor Scott Walker (WI), Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, all abortion rights advocates (just like I said before, it’s no offense to them and it’s about values) and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The ones I listed without states were done because I don’t know what states they live in and no bias against them was intended in not including states.

    For people I think he should look into as possibilities, I would look to either Governor Bobby Jindal (LA), U.S. Representative Paul Ryan (WI), Former Governor Mike Huckabee (AR), Governor Jan Brewer (AZ) and, as an exception to my rule of inexperience, Governor Bob McDonnell (VA). Those are my current picks, so I don’t have any more that would work for America that would go with the times of Modern America. Thank you people.

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