Altercation Between Zimmerman, Martin “Ultimately Avoidable”, Drugs In Martin’s System

More evidence released in the case

(CNN) Just over two weeks after the fatal shooting, and less than a month before an arrest was made, police in Sanford, Florida, urged prosecutors to take George Zimmerman into custody after arguing his killing of Trayvon Martin was “ultimately avoidable.”

This disclosure came out Thursday, part of a wealth of information released that is related to the case, including the medical’s examiner’s finding that the 17-year-old Martin had traces of drugs in his system in an autopsy conducted hours after his death.

Overall, the newly released material paints the most complete picture yet of how investigators built the case, as well as its complexity. The police perspective was most succinctly stated in a March 13 “capias request” — a request that someone be taken into custody — sent to the state’s attorney. It speaks to the fact that Zimmerman ignored a police dispatcher’s advice not to chase Martin, as well as his communications with Martin prior to the shooting.

What kinds of drugs?

Martin’s blood contained THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, according to autopsy results released Thursday. The autopsy was conducted February 27, the day after the teenager was shot dead.

A little something in there for everyone. Zimmerman could have retreated. Martin had been smoking marijuana at some point (note, it stays in the system for up to 30 days), which highlights that he wasn’t some angelic little darling.

That said, can the prosecution make a case for 2nd degree murder, or did they vastly over-reach?

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4 Responses to “Altercation Between Zimmerman, Martin “Ultimately Avoidable”, Drugs In Martin’s System”

  1. John says:

    ‘ultimately avoidable’ – Sure, Zimmerman could have been anywhere else and the whole incident would not have occurred.
    Check the audio of Zimmerman’s call to the police. He is asked what the suspect is doing? Where is he going?
    Check the map of where the incident occurred and where Zimmerman’s car was parked.
    Martin went down a path between the rows of buildings – where the road did not go. Zimmerman left his car – why? To see where Martin was going – he would not be able to report where Martin was as he had gone down the path between the rows of buildings.
    Police tell Zimmerman he doesn’t have to follow Martin. Zimmerman says OK. The discussion continues for a short time during which Zimmerman is calmly talking to the police.
    There is nothing in the police report – except speculation that Zimmerman was pursuing Martin as opposed to simply observing his movement so as to respond to the question, where is he going?. In Zimmerman’s account he does follow Martin, leaving his car, so he could see the path Martin took between the buildings.

  2. gitarcarver says:


    You are essentially correct in your recounting of what happened other than this statement:

    Police tell Zimmerman he doesn’t have to follow Martin.

    That is not exactly true. The 911 dispatcher is not a member of the police or any law enforcement agency. The reason I bring this up is that part of the narrative I always see from people is “the police told Zimmerman not to follow Martin.” That is simply a lie. You are correct in your summary of what Zimmerman was told (“we don’t need you to do that,”) but slightly off on who said it, or rather what position that person had in the city.

  3. ‘ultimately avoidable’ – Sure, Zimmerman Martin could have been anywhere else and the whole incident would not have occurred.

    Fixed that.

    Martin could have decided to move on. He could have decided to confront Zimmerman with words, instead of his fists.

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    From the news story:

    as well as his communications with Martin prior to the shooting.

    What does that mean? Did they have words before Z made the 911 call? And, according to the 911 call by Z, after he was asked to stop following, he did. You can tell he stopped running and according to the timeline appeared to be going back to his truck.

    At that point, the 911 call is cut off. There were no words on that 911 tape.

    Where did they get this supposition?

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