Obama Uses Celebration Of Intoxication To Push Dream Act

Much like St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco De Mayo is primarily a celebration of drinking and eating certain special products in excess. With Cinco De Mayo, tequila, margaritas, and “Mexican” food. Nothing says “I support you” like using the occasion of getting blind stinking drunk in a patronizing manner to push one’s agenda

(ABC News) President Obama told a largely Hispanic audience today that he is ready to sign the DREAM Act and blamed Republicans for the failure of the legislation that would grant illegal immigrant students a path to citizenship.

“We’re going to keep fighting for this common-sense reform — not just because hundreds of thousands of talented young students depend on it, but because ultimately America depends on it,” the president said at the annual Cinco de Mayo reception at the White House. “‘No’ is not an option. I want to sign the DREAM Act into law. I’ve got the pens all ready. I’m willing to work with anybody who is serious to get this done, and to achieve bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform that solves this challenge once and for all.”

Tell you what, Champ: I’ll agree to it if you put in provisions that say they all must speak literate high-school level English, pass citizenship tests like other immigrants, cannot take public money for assistance, and do not get to vote for 5 years once legalized.

It’d be nice if he actually submitted legislation to Congress, eh?

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2 Responses to “Obama Uses Celebration Of Intoxication To Push Dream Act”

  1. mojo says:

    Me, I always end up at the sink-o de stinko, somehow…

  2. Need to drink a better brand of tequila

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