Obama: “Hey, I’m Just Like Ghandi And Mandela”

Except they weren’t incompetent and trying to destroy America

(Washington Free Press) President Obama spoke Thursday night at a campaign fundraiser at ABC Kitchen in New York City. It was the first of four fundraisers the president attended Thursday.

OBAMA: Around the world, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela–what they did was hard. It takes time. It takes more than a single term….


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4 Responses to “Obama: “Hey, I’m Just Like Ghandi And Mandela””

  1. Questionman says:

    No, Barack Obama is NOT trying to destroy our country from the inside to serve his New World Order/Illuminati agenda. He’s an American who cares more about the future of this country!
    Because he wants us to conserve, but he isn’t a dictator who is going to demand us to conserve. Obama still believes in American freedoms; he just wants to encourage Americans to make prudent decisions.

    What’s obvious is that you can’t stand having a black man as president!

  2. So, what you’re saying is that he loves his country so much he wants to change it, and that he is completely incompetent?

    Thanks for the Typical Liberal Raaaaacist smear, though. Anything adult you’d like to ad?

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    For people who so love their country, they are sure doing alot to change it, to overturn the culture, to ignore the founding Constitution, to increase corruption, spend more money that is imaginarily available, to raise taxes on those job-creators he despises, destroy energy creation energies, increase the number of unemployed and government-reliant welfare recipients.

    And, you claim it is racist to stand up FOR America?

    Hey, doofus (I can say that now that it is a legal term used by a judge in a court), don’t you recall we also stood up against Pres GW Bush when he bent liberal? Fighting against corruption and socialism is not racial.

    oh BTW.. is that your only defense of your president… “at least I’m not racist”?

  4. How else can liberals back Obama? They can’t defend his policies, so, they have to turn it all personal, change the debate, get us on the defensive.

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