Here We Go: Valentine’s Day Could Be Destroyed By “Climate Change”

Warmists just can’t help themselves

(Chicago Tribune) Let’s face it, climate change is incredibly un-sexy. We don’t care how many nude protesters are involved. But it’s about to get worse. A new mini-report from the environmental group Climate Nexus points out that climate change is poised to wreck Valentine’s Day, or at least change it significantly, by threatening chocolate production.

That’s right. Global warming is very bad for chocolate.

Know what else would be bad for chocolate? Cold weather. Wind. Direct sunlight. Cloudy conditions. Cocoa is not easy to grow, and requires specific conditions. But, you know, we’re doomed because someone drove a car.

As reported by The Times, research from the International Center for Tropical Agriculture found last year that as temperatures rise, the principal growing regions for cocoa could shrink, especially in Ghana and Ivory Coast, the sources of half the world’s supply. Production could fall off dramatically by 2050, making cocoa less available and more expensive.

Ah, the magical 2050. Perhaps they could tell us what will happen next year for cocoa production.

Of course, new growing regions could develop, but moving an entire industry is never a sure thing, or cheap.

Yet, that is what happens in a dynamic world with a climate that is always changing. And then there’s this

With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, and climate scientists continuing to come under relentless attacks by climate skeptic groups, a new campaign has sprung up to show some love for the scientists. The brainchild of Climate Nexus, a climate change strategic communications organization, the “I Heart Climate Scientists” campaign has a Facebook page where people are submitting photos of themselves and/or their pets with signs supporting climate scientists. Supporters are also being urged to use the Twitter hashtag #iheartclimatescientists.

An email from Climate Nexus said: “Climate change deniers are sending hate mail and threats to dedicated climate scientists working to protect our families, finances and future. Show these hardworking experts some love — even digital hugs count this Valentine’s Day. Remind them their work is valuable, their opinions respected, and that they are not alone.”

Awwwwww, the poor wittle babies. They need a hug. Remind them to follow the scientific method, instead of the Madame Zelda Method.

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One Response to “Here We Go: Valentine’s Day Could Be Destroyed By “Climate Change””

  1. Bunni says:

    The tribune has turned into such a commie crap paper, it truly sucks. If it wasn’t for the sunday sales supplements and coupons, I would have stopped subbing years ago.

    These global warming liars better give it a rest.

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