Good News! Obama Just Lost Keystone XL To China

Many were already predicting that 2012 would be yet another record high for gas prices (72 cents higher than 2010’s record), which, if you are Obama, and want to push worthless “green” energy (in order to reward campaign donors), sounds great. Going into an election year in which some are predicting a normal of over $4 a gallon across the country? Not helpful. Of course, Obama could have helped out by approving Keystone XL, which would have created jobs and reduced gas prices. Alas, he decided to pander to part of his extremist base. Many had wondered if Canada would wait till after the election to make a deal, see if the GOP won. Alas, no (via Jazz Shaw)

(Ottawa Citizen) China and Canada declared Thursday that bilateral relations have reached “a new level” following a series of multibillion-dollar trade and business agreements to ship additional Canadian petroleum, uranium and other products to the Asian superpower.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Chinese leadership said Thursday their new energy and economic co-operation agreements — as well as billions of dollars of private-sector deals — signed by the two countries over the past few days are unprecedented and will only open the door to additional trade and investment.

Granted, there could be room in there still for Keystone XL, but, Canada seems to be moving on, including the sale of uranium (read Jazz’s story for more on that). China is already getting oil out of the Gulf from Cuba, and has reached deals with Brazil for their deepwater drilled oil, of which Obama was nice enough to give $2 billion in taxpayer money to develop. Obama’s America? Left out in the cold.

Can’t blame this one on Bush, champ!

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6 Responses to “Good News! Obama Just Lost Keystone XL To China”

  1. Word says:

    Yeah we have to remember that George Soros is a major investor in Brazil oil as is guess who?

    Warren Buffet.

    But WE ARE GOING TO DO POLITICS IN A NEW WAY when Obamalamadingdong is president.

    Open….honest……….and transparent. Meanwhile back at the swamp….

  2. Black Flag says:

    I’m confused as to why no one in the DNC has publicly stood up to Obama. His policies have been a disaster. He has us involved in multiple conflicts in MENA. He clearly will be hitting re-election with a horrid economy, high gas/food/clothing prices, a record deficit, and rampant unemployment. Is there NO ONE sane left in the DNC who realizes this could be a disaster for the Left?

  3. Dana says:

    Why, that’s simple: for anyone in the DNC to stand up to President Obama would mean a quick end to his career. And, of course, to oppose President Obama on anything is, by definition, racist. Please make a note of it.

  4. proof says:

    Could even Nostradamus have predicted a disaster as large as President Obama?

  5. Rob in Katy says:

    It is like he is a black hole of disasters…

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