Island Nations Look To Sue In International Court

Why am I not shocked?

(LA Times) If the globe keeps warming and the seas keep rising, the country of Palau could be wiped off the map. So the Pacific island is teaming up with other small island nations to fight the threat of climate change — in court.

The countries want the International Court of Justice to offer an opinion on whether countries that pollute have a responsibility to other countries that get hurt by that pollution. Ecological damage that crosses borders could be seen as a violation of international law, a legal cudgel against climate change.

“It is not an exaggeration to say that climate change is, for us, a matter of life and death,” Sprent Dabwido, president of the Pacific state of Nauru, said at a climate change conference in December.

Well, choosing to live on an island which is mostly not that high above sea level is not a particularly wise idea. And, how did those islands tend to be created? Corals. Which have to be under water to live. So, they create reefs, and when oceans subside, islands can slowly come into being. Wait, what was that part about being under water in the past? Anyhow

If current emission trends continue, the small island nations are likely to be submerged eventually; it will take a major international effort to prevent that from happening, though the time may be extended.

If current emissions go down, the islands can go under water again, just like has happened many times in the past. Warmists seem not to understand that Earth changes.

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3 Responses to “Island Nations Look To Sue In International Court”

  1. Black Flag says:

    I bet I know which nations wind up being sued and told to pony up outrageous amounts of money. Hint: Not Russia, China, Brazil or India. Starts with U. Located in Western Hemisphere. This blog is located there.

  2. But of course. And the Warmists will gladly pony up Someone Else’s money.

  3. Word says:

    Move them to california. They would fit right in with all the kooks and wierdos there and the problem is solved. They could then demand that the other 49 states build windmills so they can keep on burning the midnight oil.

    I will never forget about a year ago I had 4 cousins who were the daughters of my fathers youngest brother.

    They showed up one day to visit us. It was a great visit as we had not kept in touch over the years.

    But what struck me was that ALL FOUR of the them worked for the SHERRIFS DEPARTMENT in 4 different California counties.

    I asked in an offhand way….Why the sherrifs department?


    So send em to California and they can sink with the rest of the loons who live in CA. and think the world owes em.

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