Good News! Obama’s “Jobs” Bill Will Create 1.9 Million Jobs!

Expect to hear this talking point added to “Pass the bill, pass the bill, Polly want a cracker”

President Obama has attached a big number to his jobs bill: 1.9 million.

At a private fundraiser last night, Obama said his proposal would create 1.9 millions jobs, while reducing the 9.1% unemployment rate by a percentage point; he also said it would add two percentage points to the Gross Domestic Product.

That will soon morph to “saved or created” to “saved” to “why are we now at 10% unemployment? Bush’s fault? Yeah, let’s blame Bush.”

But, really, he wants to spend $447 billion to lower the unemployment rate by 1%? He just spend $800 billion to push the unemployment rate above 9%.

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6 Responses to “Good News! Obama’s “Jobs” Bill Will Create 1.9 Million Jobs!”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    And the bill is paid for. And the bill is paid for. How it will ultimately be paid for will be up to the Table of 12, but we want that Table of 12 to recognize that deficit reduction is strongly and positively impacted by the creation of jobs. – Nancy Pelosi

    This is the type of double speak crap politicians put out all the time.

    The bill is not paid for. There might be a plan to pay for it (an unworkable play that will actually add more to the cost) but it is not paid for.

    The Democrats are hoping the smoke and mirrors they put out will be enough to distract people.

  2. They always say they’ll pay for it 5-10 years down the road, which never happens. We should link congressional pay, office allocations, and perks to spending.

  3. david7134 says:

    They need to get an economics professor to tutor this guy (I took economics and the professors are more conservative than you think). Somehow we need to get the message to this nut that government does not create jobs.

  4. Adobe Walls says:

    WSJ had a good article yesterday titled Blue-State Bailout in Disguise (I got the link from RCP) that explains how the presence of democratic state legislature or public employee unions increases the cost of borrowing.
    The jobs act (the one submitted in the senate not HR2911)will at best, slow job losses by preventing superfluous state and local workers from being laid off. The hiring tax credits will result in scams but no jobs that wouldn’t be created anyway. The tax cuts might help businesses some but the money comes directly out of dedicated Social Security which is in the red again this year.
    The US is planning to swap up to a trillion worth of dollars for euros to help stabilize the people who don’t have the political will to take the steps needed to save their own sorry butts.
    I remain unconvinced we shall make it to 2012.

  5. captainfish says:

    Ok.. so, no one is talking that he is planning to raise taxes on those who create jobs, to …”create”… 1.9 million jobs after increasing taxes by $447 billion?!!?

    Realize that this means that $235,263 will be spent per job. (I know, it wont really, but go with the math).

    Seriously?!? $235,000 per job is a way to spur economic growth across this nation?

    Sounds like to me that he plans on spreading wealth to his union and academic buddies.

    And, why isn’t anyone pointing this out? He is talking about creating jobs yet these Socialists hate jobs. They hate that jobs will be created- thus increasing consumerism. The only jobs they will tolerate are union jobs.

  6. Word says:

    Too much with the negative waves man. I got my tin foil hat firmly in place.

    No more negative waves.

    Obama…Obama…Hes our man…If he cant save you no one can.

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