Global Warming Today: Mixed Bag

A former Gore voter is now one of those evil deniers? Heretic!

By Dr. Don J. Easterbrook, Professor Emeritus Geology, Western Washington University

We’ve been warming up about a degree per century since the Little Ice Age in about 1600. We’ve been warming for 400 years, long before human-generated CO2 could have anything to do with the climate. If we project the previous century into the coming one, my projection is that we will have about a half-a-degree of cooling from 2007 (plus or minus three to five years) to about 2040. Then it will start getting warmer as we enter the next warm cycle, followed by cooling again.

For a number of interviews, especially in the national news media, they ask ‘Are you a Republican?’ and I say ‘No, I’m not, as a matter of fact, I voted for Al Gore. I don’t want to pick on him because he’s not a scientist.’ The nonsense he spews comes from the IPCC [United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change], so in a sense I don’t condemn him as much as I do the so-called climatologists like [James] Hansen, who says things that are idiotic. They’re the ones giving him all this stuff.

Al Gore makes a hundred-million dollars? He has five-billion in his slush fund? Look at [U.S. Senator] Barbara Boxer, she sponsored a bill for carbon cap and trade [Sanders/Boxer Global Warming Bill S.309]. Who will benefit from hundreds of billions of dollars for administering a scheme like that? The other thing is research funding. The U.S. spends about two-billion dollars a year on research. Right now, if you submit anything that says CO2 is not the bad guy, you won’t have a chance of getting funding. It all goes to the CO2 people who build little fiefdoms; they have grant money coming out of their ears. They mimic Al Gore and say the debate is over. The last I heard, the U.S. plans to increase its research spending to 3.5 billion dollars, virtually all of which goes into CO2 research.

Burn him! Burn him at the stake!

Hillary supporters are now the same as global warming deniers. In Reality Land, that would make Hillary supporters realists.

Local health officials are really concerned about “doing something” about global warming. Of course they are, it helps them look important in their jobs.

Forget the year long ice sheet measurements. Now they are looking specifically at the Summer ice sheets. Summer. Yes, I did write Summer. Because, apparently, the Winter ones just aren’t co-operation. Such as the West Antarctica and Greenland sheets (believe it or not, the CLimahysterics actually blame global warming for it, too). Even Eco World notices the increase in sea ice.

Want to stop global warming? Stop having babies. Because otherwise, we will die of lack of food. After global warming kills us all, of course.

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3 Responses to “Global Warming Today: Mixed Bag”

  1. David says:

    The Anthropogenic Global Warmists may once have had a theoretical basis for their fears, but ever since AGW became dogma, they no longer have falsifiable theories (because they do not allow data to speak for itself and in fact have become “data deniers” *heh*), and thus they have no scientific basis for their alarm.

    Whenever a group cedes the moral high ground by insisting that lies are true, by persecuting anyone who presents facts that contradict their dogma, they have also ceded any right to be heard… until and unless they actually are willing to test their beliefs against demonstrable facts.

    Religious beliefs–like AGW dogma–are unable to deal with how questions, and AGW is a religious belief that is singularly unsuited to dealing with the “why” questions religion is best suited to deal with. It’s both a scientific and religious moron. A dangerous, imoral moron, to be sure, but decidedly moronic in all its works… save those of emotionally manipulating its moronic believers and those who fear the Mass Man’s (see Ortega y Gasset) undue power in this Age of Unreason.

    (BTW, I highly, highly commend Ortega y Gasset’s “THE REVOLT OF THE MASSES” to your attention. Well worth reading. Sadly, the words the guy wrote in 1930 were prophetic… )

  2. Don L says:

    “Stop having babies?”

    Didn’t we hear that anti-human propaganda in the sixties and seventies.

    The arrogance of those that believe the Earth is for anything and everything but humans.

  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    “I CREATED Earth and everything else… You came from dirt, women from Adam’s rib, and liberals were imported from URANUS!” – GOD … Thank GOD it’s SUNDAY px PX px!!

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