Climate That Hasn’t Changed In 10 Years Threatens Predators And Prey

You just cannot make this up! Well, I can’t, anyhow, I’m not a fiction writer

(CBS News) Vucetich, of Michigan Tech University, is co-leader of a team closely monitoring Isle Royale’s moose and wolves for five decades. Both species have had ups and downs, but now may be facing their biggest threat.

Declines in pack and herd populations, coming as average temperatures have been rising, make the scientists wonder if global warming may be writing a new story line for the narrative playing out as the plane followed the hungry pack below.

Of course. It must be. Let’s ignore that pesky fact that the temperature portion of climate hasn’t changed in 10 years.

Peterson and Vucetich say the biggest long-term danger to the island’s moose is not the wolf.

Climate change is the likely culprit behind a dropoff in moose numbers over the past decade. Isle Royale is on the southern edge of their range, and recent summers have been the hottest since the study began. The moose are showing signs of stress

Proof? Reading the rest of the story, I see lots of conjecture, but no actual hard facts. Not that I am suprised, mind you.

I really have to wonder if any of the “global warming is Man’s – or Woman’s, if we want to be PC – fault and we are all going to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” folks even understand what Climate actually is. I doubt it.

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17 Responses to “Climate That Hasn’t Changed In 10 Years Threatens Predators And Prey”

  1. Buffoon says:

    To do my part in the battle against global warming, I will stop breathing today at 7 pm eastern, please join me in this protest… 🙂

  2. Cao says:

    What are they going to do when they realize that science has ditched them and the world is actually cooling?

    That will be the biggest laugh of them all. They continue to dig themselves a bigger hole…and even Newt Gingrich has made a commercial with Nancy Pelosi that ‘we have to work together to get rid of global warming’. What a bunch of hogwash!

  3. John Ryan says:

    you anti global climate change are as silly as some of the troofers.
    Check out our own government’s NOAA website on global climate change.
    Or check out last March’s second highest EVER recorded temps.
    Do you believe in the total MSM hoax in 8/11 also or does it just cover global warming/ climate change ?

  4. Cao says:

    And you are a dim bulb.

    The people who actually figured out that the hockey stick missed the mideival warming period in order to produce a their loaded stacked result – is the reason Lysenko-style “science” doesn’t pass muster.

    The reason scientists are “finding” global warming is because if you include the words “global warming” in your grant application, you immediately get funded.

    It doesn’t mean it exists.

    Look up Trofim Lysenko…that same thing is happening with climate change.

  5. Buffoon says:


  6. Rosemary says:

    What will they come up with next? Polar bears are dieing from heat strokes? Penguins are learning how to fly? They are planning to take over the world, because they’re over-populated? Let’s see, what else…Gore-illas are learning how to knit and they’ve grown beards? LOL. Great post. 😉

  7. Texas Two-Step…The Wrong Way…

    There’s been a dance of sorts going on in a town in Texas, and I do not like it. No, not one bit! A son got suspended from school for two days for answering a phone call from his father who is in Iraq risking his life. This may have been his last…

  8. Cao says:

    “A polar bear on an ice float where increased temperatures brought rapid environmental change…”

    At this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, people other than global warming alarmists/moonbats recognize those “increased temperatures” are signs of “spring”.


  9. You’re not still holding it in, are you Buffoon? 😉

    I’ve seen that by Newt, Cao, and it is pretty sad that he is buying in to the climahystericy nuttery. And he isn’t even running for anything.

    John, it is always warmer or colder, wetter or dryer, somewhere on Earth. But the actual Climate temps have been stagnant for 10 years.

    Penguins in dire trouble:

  10. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Matey ONE Teach… and I thought the caribou were safe in Alaska and that the fish are too off the Gulf and Virginia coastlines? Like the looney left say, “SAVE THE WHALES & WE’RE PRO-ABORTION!” You have a GRRREAT blog sir! THANK-YOU for the fight to write the RIGHT!!

  11. Silke says:

    Teach said: Reading the rest of the story, I see lots of conjecture, but no actual hard facts.

    Really? I found lots of them:

    Bones and teeth are storehouses of information about the animals and their environment. Increasingly, they are showing elevated levels of the carbon isotope linked with global warming.
    The Michigan Tech team has collected bones of more than 4,300 moose over the project’s 50 years. They offer hints about why the animals died: low fat levels in marrow indicate malnourishment; arthritic malformations suggest inability to outrun wolves.
    Moose need to fatten up in summer, but instead have been wading in the water, lounging in the shade.
    It makes the moose lazy and worsens an onslaught of ticks, which infest the big beasts; they waste feeding time biting their fur and rubbing against trees.

    It seems to me that a team of scientists intimately familiar with the animals and climate in this region over the last 50 years would probably have a pretty good understanding of what is contributing to the decline in pack and herd populations.

    This was an interesting article. Thanks.

  12. We regret to inform you that in Buffoon’s earnest attempt to curb global warming, his commitment took his life last night appx. 9:52pm eastern… apparently not breathing, while great for the atmosphere, is not very good for the human body…

    Al Gore has established a Foundation in his name called The Foundation for Those Easily Led by the Nose…..

  13. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    OBESE GOREONS like Al ‘Donuts’ Gore causes global warming with their profuse sweating!
    That’s right, they have… active thyroids, to go along with their XXLG thighs?

  14. John Ryan says:

    The Deniers
    Holocaust DENIED
    9/11 Denied
    Global Climate Change Denied
    When will the MSM media realize that these people are the only ones to be believed ??/

  15. joated says:

    I wonder if they could explain why the moose populations in the Adirondacks of NY are just booming?

  16. That would be because of manmade global warming to, joated. 🙂

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