Washington Post Goes For Terrorism Love

And, of course, it is all Israel’s fault

GAZA — President Jimmy Carter’s sensible plan to visit the Hamas leadership this week brings honesty and pragmatism to the Middle East while underscoring the fact that American policy has reached its dead end. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice acts as if a few alterations here and there would make the hideous straitjacket of apartheid fit better. While Rice persuades Israeli occupation forces to cut a few dozen meaningless roadblocks from among the more than 500 West Bank control points, these forces simultaneously choke off fuel supplies to Gaza; blockade its 1.5 million people; approve illegal housing projects on West Bank land; and attack Gaza City with F-16s, killing men, women and children. Sadly, this is “business as usual” for the Palestinians.

Last week’s attack on the Nahal Oz fuel depot should not surprise critics in the West. Palestinians are fighting a total war waged on us by a nation that mobilizes against our people with every means at its disposal — from its high-tech military to its economic stranglehold, from its falsified history to its judiciary that “legalizes” the infrastructure of apartheid. Resistance remains our only option. Sixty-five years ago, the courageous Jews of the Warsaw ghetto rose in defense of their people. We Gazans, living in the world’s largest open-air prison, can do no less.

Well, gee, sparky, perhaps if your peeps stopped blowing up civilians in that oh-so-cowardly Palestinian way and acted like civilized people who live in at least the 18th century, you could come to peace with Israel. Why not look at your own actions, rather then blaming everyone else?

The editoria was written by Mahmoud al-Zahar. Who is he?

Mahmoud al-Zahar, a surgeon, is a founder of Hamas. He is foreign minister in the government of Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, which was elected in January 2006.

Ah, so he is the founder of a terrorist group. Nice of the Washington Post to give him a voice.

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3 Responses to “Washington Post Goes For Terrorism Love”

  1. John Ryan says:

    64% of Israelis want direct face to face talks with Hamas http://www.newsweek.com/id/119881

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    … 99% of the MOSSAD does too Sheik Ryan!

  3. drstrangeloveb52isok says:

    What is so pathetic is Ryan’s left-wingbats actually believe that discussions with ski-masked islamofascist suicidal – homicidal butchers will be diplomatic! Ryan could care less about these same fanatics that approved of 9-11-01 and the slaughter of 2,996 Americans and 120 foreigners in three states within three hours…? “Can’t we all just kum by ahhhh?”

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