Bush Bashed On Climate Change Support

Let me say first that I do not agree with President Bush on the anthropogenic global warming issue. But, I find it hilariousthat Bush is agreeing with the climahysterics that something needs to be done, and they blow a gasket

The world needs tougher action to combat global warming than a plan by President George W. Bush to halt a rise in U.S. greenhouse gas emissions only by 2025, delegates at a climate conference in Paris said on Thursday.

South Africa, one of 17 nations at the two-day global warming talks that started on Thursday, called Bush’s proposals “disappointing” and unambitious when many other industrialized economies are already cutting emissions destroying their economies.

Haven’t these people hear of telecommunications? Rather then flying to Paris, which I hear is lovely in the spring and a great vacation spot, using all those private jets which put out CO2, they could teleconference. But that would be an issue for the climahysteric leaders who want free travel.

Developing nations such as China and India also want the rich, led by the United States, to cut now.

Maybe China and India should lead by example. Good luck with that!

Back to bashing Bush. His “plan

Bush, who leaves office in January, offered broad principles rather than mandates, and said the coal-burning electric utilities — the biggest single source of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions — need to find high-tech ways of trapping greenhouse gases.

Bush’s proposal — aimed at influencing upcoming U.S. debate of mandatory carbon dioxide rules in June — rejects new taxes, abandoning nuclear power and adopting trade barriers.

“If we fully implement our strong new laws, adhere to the principles I’ve outlined, and adopt appropriate incentives, we will put America on an ambitious new track for greenhouse gas reductions,” he said. “We’re doing a lot to protect this environment.”

Look, if we have to do this idiotic stuff, we should do it in a realistic manner that is not punitive and will not damage the economy. That appears to be where Bush is going with it. So, even though he is doing more then Clinton ever did – can someone remind me who was VP during those 8 years? – they just cannot stop  the BDS. But, you know, realism is no substitute for lofty ideals (back to the first article)

The world agreed at a 190-nation climate conference in Bali, Indonesia, in December, to launch a two-year drive to negotiate a new U.N. treaty to fight global warming to succeed the Kyoto Protocol from 2013.

So, instead of “doing something,” they are going to spend 2 years replacing a treaty that did not work in the first place. Super! More chances to go to exotic vacation spots.

(2nd article) Environmentalists hope the next president will make Washington a leader in talks to create an international climate treaty to succeed the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012 and which the United States has not ratified.

Damn that Bill Clinton and the Democrat led Senate of 1997 for saying “hell no!” to Kyoto.

The 2nd article is replete with all sorts of Bush bashing by people who have either have no plans themselves or the good old cap-‘n-trade ones which have worked so well so far. Well, they have not worked at all, but they look good in the press!

Meanwhile, climate change is such a huge massively important issue to Democrats that they had a really long discussion on it at Democrats.org, the official site of the surrender monkeys. Funny how Dems are always for mandatory emissions cuts for everyone else but themselves.

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11 Responses to “Bush Bashed On Climate Change Support”

  1. Karlo says:

    Why do you say that Kyoto didn’t work? Because Australia and the U.S. didn’t sign on to it? Aren’t the other nations cutting emissions in accordance with the treaty?

  2. John Ryan says:

    the anti global warming group is becoming smaller and more hysterical everyday, just like that other fringe group the 9/11 troofers

  3. Old Iron says:

    I like it when G. Bush plays lip service to the world by proposing policies that will only opt to take effect after this global warming craze has translated into some other inflammatory cause, like zombie bunny rabbit attacks.


  4. John Ryan says:

    NOAA has just announced that this March was the warmest ever recorded on land and the second warmest ever recorded worldwide. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080417/ap_on_re_us/march_warmth;_ylt=Al6OdOo5zNeeoAxZniyZKxBH2ocA
    Gee I guess that might be problematic for the some arguments

  5. Old Iron says:

    OH ALRIGHT. I’l finally say it. the human race is doomed, DOOMED I TELL YOU, and we are victims of our own creation. Screw the human race, we deserve it, and we need to let the zombie bunnies have their day. We did have a good run, didn’t we? -Top of the food chain and all that.

    Oh, and allow me to add to that little link that was posted – that was in ASIA. The article went on to state that the United States experienced an AVERAGE temp in March, ranking 63rd in records.

    I for one welcome our new zombie bunnie overlords.

    On a side note: I wonder if global warmers get hard when they watch Planet of the Apes and see the human race subjugated, or if they think even that is too good for us as a species.

  6. Karlo says:

    I’m sure that Charton Heston will save us.

  7. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Sheik Sympathizer Ryan is now polling the weather since he can’t poll Zebra Obama vs. Hitlery in Pensy and NC, eh? Back to my Franklin Almanac and NEOCON WEEKLY magazine…

  8. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Send in the clowns / Defeatocrats!

  9. Old Iron says:




  10. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Trollmeister… Wanna see my March & April HEATING BILLS? Global warming my ayatollah assahola! Death Star II crews NEVER surrender and FEAR NOBODY on earth – period!!

  11. Old Iron says:

    I juts like the fact that he didn’t even read the article that he himself quoted.

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