ROP: Convert To Christianity And Die

You know, because the actions of honor killings, beheadings, stonings, hangings for being gay, whippings for being raped, homicide bombings, rioting over cartoons, killing filmakers, and threatening violence of over a movie that shows Islam is violent hasn’t proven to many that Islam is inherently violent (oh, and let’s not forget flying planes into buildings with the intent of killing tens of thousand American), here’s another

A BRITISH teacher killed in Somalia was targeted because he had converted from Islam to Christianity, his widow claimed yesterday.

Daud Hassan Ali, 64, was shot in the early hours of Monday outside a school his charity had just finished building.

Mr Ali’s widow, Margaret, 64, said her husband had been targeted by Islamists who, she said, “believe it is OK to kill any man who was born into Islam and left the faith”.

She said her husband knew it was a risk going back to Somalia as a Christian, but said he was there to teach, not convert others to his faith. “He was a teacher. He never made any attempt to convert anyone to Christianity, and only practised his faith in private,” she said. “I just hope they died quickly and didn’t suffer too much. But I hear their bodies are riddled with bullet holes.”

Hmm, not too put too much of a political spin on it, but, I think it would be wise for BHO to stay the hell away from any of these hard core Islamists. He was born into Islam, and has recounced it, making him apostate, for which the Koran says he is to be killed.

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  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Hey John Ryan… would this be a hate crime?

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