Christian Church Tells Senate They Will Stand On Their 1st Rights

Good for them

Kenneth Copeland Ministries, one of six so-called mega-churches at the center of a U.S. Senate Finance Committee investigation, has informed the committee that it will not cooperate with the probe, citing its concerns about the government targeting certain Christian churches, as well as concerns about privacy and potential First Amendment violations.

“The church is deeply concerned that the information Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is seeking could be used to subject the church and its members to public stigma, scorn, and obloquy,” Lawrence Swicegood, communications director for Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM), said in a letter responding to the committee’s request for a range of financial data and other information, including the names and addresses of board members and the names and addresses of people responsible for the church’s audio and video production.

“The church also has grave concerns with the conclusion that this inquiry ‘does not infringe upon First Amendment rights,'” said Swicegood.

“The six ministries under investigation all share a common theology based on the sincerely held religious belief that prosperity in all areas of one’s life is an outward sign of the fulfillment of God’s promises contained in the Bible,” he added.

This is what life under the true hardcore leftists would be like: Christian’s investigated ad nausem. If only Senator Grassley was as concerned about what Muslim religious centers were doing.

But what is almost just as disturbing is the notion in the Senate that they have such control of our private lives that they can badger us if we do not comply fully and immediately

The committee, chaired by Max Baucus (D-Mont.) with Grassley as ranking member, sent the first letter to six churches (or ministries) in early November of last year and issued a second letter on March 11 to four ministries it said had failed to comply with the original request or, as in the case of KCM, had not answered sufficiently.

They are private organizations. By what right does the Senate have to pull this? These are the kinds of abuses of power that caused the American Revolution to start with. And, make no mistake, I am not trying to single out Democrats. Republicans do it too. They forget that they are there to serve the people, not the other way around.

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3 Responses to “Christian Church Tells Senate They Will Stand On Their 1st Rights”

  1. dreamer77 says:

    I have to agree with you on this one. What right is it of the Senator to call for this type of investigation? Why not use the typical procedure for this type of situation and go through the IRS. This is Copeland’s major issue – protection of his first amendment rights – as well as upholding the separation of church and state. Here is a great read…


  2. Thanks, dreamer77. Great article, too.

  3. Ty Zach says:

    Looks like Copeland is finally getting some support. This week we have seen some Christian leaders get together and also question Senate Finance Committee’s call for investigation. It is comforting to see that other Christians realize that the future implications in this situation could affect all religious organizations. Check this out…

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