Crooks And Liars On Patraeus

I just had to do a dumpster dive. Why am I not surprised by what I found? I refuse to go farther then Crooks and Liars. Can only take so much of the douchebattery from them. These comments were found in a post about one of the rude protesters

  • Will patreus surrneder to the War Crimes Tribunal after the 2008 Election or will he exile himself in Paragauy?
  • general patreus is a scumbag and i have no respect for himthank you protester for yelling to deaf earswhat has our majority done on this issue, but cave time and time again?
  • Someone ask the ribbon suit if Betrayus is his real name or did the administration just playing more tomfoolery. fuck that noise any body who dont interupt this fucking circus is a flucking traitor to america, where have all the bastards with guts in this country gone to, oh thats right out the stinking door with the gestapo dragging them out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Endless imperial colonial occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq by us, the US of A. A “hundred-year” McCane occupation? A thousand-year Bush-reich? You decide.
  • Once again…the General has chosen to Betraeus.
  • After martial law is declared, General Betraeus’ picture will be promoted to death camp overlord.
  • Ooops…I meant that after martial law is declared, General Betraeus will be promoted to death camp overlord.
  • If General Betrayus isn’t the “decider” guy, who is?
  • Gen. Betrayus to Congress: (I’m just kinda highlighting how many times they call him Betrayus)
  • To elaborate…I mean: Bush says he’ll do whatever General Betrayus recommends. But Betrayus doesn’t have responsibility for Iraq policy. Adm. Fallon, who did, left.
  • This guy should get 25 to life in Gitmo!
  • [Deleted. Do NOT advocate violence on this site-Sitemonitor] (love to know what that one was)
  • Betrayus is an insult to the Army, agreeing to bypass his superiors. He is an insult to the soldiers in Iraq, as he spills their blood in exchange for personal political gain. And he betrays the American people by his slick endorsement of a failed strategy.
  • oh i think gen betrayus has enough of these dickheads scarfing on his johnson!
  • Why doesn’t Gen. Patreus-Maximus/Minimus know that there is no military solution in Iraq? Those demonstrators may have been smarter than he was. Sad how when people tell the truth about the gov’t they get supressed and incarcerated! (hey, a Roman dictator reference!)

And for the totally unhinged comment, let’s go to #64

  • yes i was sure it was but my ability to listen to such moronic shits at its end, support our troops as they scoop up the gore they have made out of children and innocent civillians , send them a snow shovel its big enough to handle a five yr old with ease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fuck bush cheny betrayus the congress the senate and ever repig thats ever wasted fresh air! no bodys going to get us out of iraq nobody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not much reason to troll any other lefty sites after that. Seriously, can anyone point to Conservatives sites that go in for this much filth and personal attacks?

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Wednesday Update: The Huffington Post continued to assault General Patraeus. Right Wing News has the details.

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11 Responses to “Crooks And Liars On Patraeus”

  1. Carl says:

    The moonbats are not only unhinged but off the frame and on the floor.

  2. Greta Perry says:

    Better you than me. You are a brave man!

  3. Chuck says:

    Every once in a while, call me a masochist, I read some of the far leftard sites and always feel I need a shower afterward. Case in point Charlton Hestons death. Anyway after reading these comments really makes me cringe and feel sick to my stomach. I just find it astounding and beyond all reason that anyone with just a small bit of grey matter between their ears believes any of these falsehoods and are capable of such viscious comments. It scares me so many in our country have bought into the media hype hook, line, and sinker. God help us all!!

  4. Scrapiron says:

    Sometimes you have to drive by the sewer plant to see where the smell is coming from.
    The democrats can’t stand to think there is someone who loves this country enough to serve it in peace and war for over 25 years. They all hate the country as much as they hate their own sorry lives. You can see the result of their hate for themselves every day laying in the alleys and on the sidewalks of America so shot up on dope they don’t know who they are. Today we had one walk down the middle of a railroad track with a train blowing the whistle. Guess what won that contest. To me that is the end result of a democrat hating everything in life.

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  6. You betcha, Carl. They were hitting 9 out of 10 on the Seethe-o-meter.

    I still feel dirty, Greta.

    Heya, Chuck and Scrapiron. I know what you mean. Gotta know what those on the left are doing to understand their world view, in order to defeat their insanity.

  7. frankly says:

    Seriously, can anyone point to Conservatives sites that go in for this much filth and personal attacks?

    Uh, yeah, have you ever seen this place called Protein Wisdom? Last evening, they not only spent their time attacking lefties, race baiting Obama, and the yada yada usual. But, the founder of that site, a really angry guy who the regulars all worship for things he wrote years ago, also had them attacking, looking up IP’s, posting pictures, etc regarding some dweeb ON SOME OTHER WEBSITE (dedicated, as far as I can tell, to a bunch of scrawny men trying to be manly).

    So, whereas the Crooks and Liars selective gang you chose to publish was full of tools, the right wing is just as full of tools. I think the difference is the tools on the Right are the leaders AND the followers.

    Thanks for your time

  8. Carl says:

    So, whereas the Crooks and Liars selective gang you chose to publish was full of tools, the right wing is just as full of tools.

    On a comparative basis, your claim proves untrue. Liberal smear sites far outweigh conservative and/or libertarian smear sites. I cannot recall the study off the top of my head, but this has been researched and liberal hatemongering far outweighs the same coming from conservatives and/or libertarians.

    The equality you claim simply is not true.

  9. Carl says:

    One other observation, I feel you are either unintentionally or intentionally misrepresenting “Protein Wisdom” blog making them appear to be a smear merchant site on par with “Crooks And Liars” (and possibly “Daily Kos” and “Huffington Post”).

    Actually there is no comparison. Whereas “Crooks And Liars” is, from top to bottom, a smear site devoted to attacking conservatives and conservative viewpoints, “Protein Wisdom” is a political/news analysis site that does have some commentors who take things too far in the comments section.

  10. I read protein wisdom quite often, frankly, and, yes, a few commenters go a bit far now and then, just as at most sites. That said, I have yet to see the consistent vulgarity and hatred at any mainstream right-o-sphere site as at the mainstream left-o-sphere sites. Wishing death and injury on Americans is normal for the left. Defaming the military is also a constant.

    Any right side site that acts like that is not one that is mainstream on our side.

    You got that right on all accounts, Carl!

  11. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Give me Patton, Rommel, Lee and Sherman anyday! And Genghis Khan too, for no GREEN ZONE would be needed… This area would be a pulverised cat litter box! Al-Qaeda Islamofascist terrorists fights without rules, flag / insignia markings and while concealing their identities, eh? So much for ‘here we go again 40 years later’ Rules of NON Engagement?

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