Arianna Huffington Already Smearing General Pataeus

No real shocker

Have you heard the news? “The Surge” is about to end. The next phase of our 100 Year War is “The Pause.” Surge, Pause… Surge, Pause… We can’t pull out! It’s all starting to sound a bit sexual, isn’t it? But the American people are the ones getting screwed. When Gen. Petraeus testifies in front of Congress this week, he’s going to recommend a pause in troop withdrawals in July, leaving roughly 140,000 troops still in Iraq. What he’s proposing isn’t actually a pause — in fact, it’s precisely the opposite of a pause. It’s a continuation.

Did she just say that General Patraeus is screwing the American People, or, am I reading too much into this post by a Gulfstream Liberal?

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One Response to “Arianna Huffington Already Smearing General Pataeus”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Poor lefty Arianna ‘I Love Loonies’ couldn’t keep her then heterosexual hubby ‘satisfied’ so he went… GAY! Another NJ Governor McGreevey type. Love her Vampirella accent too “I Vant to Suk your blooooood….!”

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