Surrender Monkey Friday: Grey Lady Thrilled With Wrong Track Poll, Plus BDS

surrender monkey sucks

Surrendie is truly happy about the poll that says the People think everything really sucks right now

Americans are more dissatisfied with the country’s direction than at any time since the New York Times/CBS News poll began asking about the subject in the early 1990s, according to the latest poll.

In the poll, 81 percent of respondents said they believed “things have pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track,” up from 69 percent a year ago and 35 percent in early 2002.

The question asked was “Do you think things in this country are generally going in the right direction or do you feel that things have pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track?” I bet the folks at the Times and cBS are partying it up today over this poll, which makes them happen, but, of course, being liberals/progressives, being happy will make them sad.

The dissatisfaction is especially striking because public opinion usually hits its low point only in the months and years after an economic downturn, not at the beginning of one. Today, however, Americans report being deeply worried about the country even though many say their own personal finances are still in fairly good shape.

Face it, the media has been talking about how bad the economy was for years. Despite a great economic upturn after the short recession at the end of the 90’s/early 2000’s, the media general never said there was anything good. Record jobs growth, GDP doing well, housing was going swimmingly, yet, the drumbeat from the Credentialed Media and the Democrat party was that everything sucks.

But, you know what? The poll may be correct. We have Democrats in Congress trying to constantly surrender in Iraq, reduce our national security, increase taxes, and do all the crazy progressive things they do, and they have a guy who is considered the most liberal Senator for 2007, and who likes to cavort with racists and terrorist, running for President, with a chance to actually win.

And yes, the economy is having a downturn. That happens. Basic economics. But this is why we need John McCain, who is not all about doom and gloom, but about optimism and positive, forward looking policies. Pure and simple.

Oh, and the BDS?

The unhappiness presents clear risks for Republicans in this year’s elections, given the continued unpopularity of President Bush.

Earth to cBS/Times: Bush is not running in 2008.

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23 Responses to “Surrender Monkey Friday: Grey Lady Thrilled With Wrong Track Poll, Plus BDS”

  1. MattM says:

    80,000 jobs lost in March. 4000 (and counting) dead American soldiers. A massive mortgage crisis. $4 a gallon gas this summer. Serious droughts in states like Georgia. The dollar is taking it on the chin everywhere. No Osama bin Laden.

    Here’s a hint from reality-land: It doesn’t take the media saying things suck for anyone with a brain to realize things suck.

  2. ME says:

    Wow, so many things wrong in just one post:

    “But, you know what? The poll may be correct. We have Democrats in Congress…”
    Keep trying to convince yourself that the American public is mad at Democrats. Don’t let facts like this
    (Graph detailing how the public approves of congressional democrats over republicans by a six point margin)

    get in your way.

    “and they have a guy who is considered the most liberal Senator for 2007”
    Only by a wingnut magazine that labeled John Kerry as the most liberal senator in 2004… gee there’s no ulterior motive to those rankings, is there? Please, explain to me how Bernie Sanders, a SOCIALIST, is not more liberal than Obama. Please.

    “But this is why we need John McCain, who is not all about doom and gloom, but about optimism and positive, forward looking policies. Pure and simple.”
    Yeah, a 100 year stint in Iraq sure sounds optimistic and positive to me! Maybe we can bomb Iran while we’re at it! But you’re right, Obama is so pesimistic and negative, with all of his backward looking policies and all his “hope” talk… he’s like “debbie downer”!

    “Earth to cBS/Times: Bush is not running in 2008.”
    Ha! But Bush the 3rd, AKA John W McSame is! And we will hang the Bush presidency around his neck.

    Someone recently interviewed on the street (I think it was on Bill Maher’s show) said it best: “After 8 years of Bush, the Dems could drag a guy off the street and I’d vote for him.”

    I know it’s depressing to watch your political ideology fail miserably, and that you have to try and keep your spirits up by convincing yourself that it isn’t, but you just look foolish when trying to convince anyone with a clue.

  3. Web Reconnaissance for 04/04/2008…

    A short recon of whatÂ’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often….

  4. GWB says:

    8+ paragraphs to explain that the mainstream media should not report events when they’re bad and when they are bad Democrats are always to blame.

    Circus ugly and dirt stupid is no way to go through life, son.

  5. Bill says:

    To understand the full meaning of the answer, we need to know the complete question. Unfortunately, people listen to the headline, or read the article and don’t question where it came from. Why are we on the wrong track? What track is wrong? Unemployment is up — all the way to 5.1%! ooooooh. Unemployment under Clinton averaged 5.5%, but those were good times. 95% of homeowners are able to and making their mortgage payments. But, we don’t talk about that — oh no. That is the problem with inaccurate or propaganda reporting – say it long enough and people will believe it!

  6. DavidI says:

    Just a note on unemployment figures. Sometime during the Bush presidency (not saying this was Bush’s fault, I believe it was a benign enough adjustment) the method for calculating unemployment rates was revised. This reduces the overall average, by how much I don’t know.

    I’ll try to look up the information and post a link later if I find it. But it may mean that though the unemployment figure looks higher in the Clinton years, it is misleading.

  7. ME says:

    “95% of homeowners are able to and making their mortgage payments. ”

    And 98.6% of statistics are made up on the spot.

    Also, the fact that you think a 5% foreclosure rate would be a GOOD sign demonstrates your unfamiliarity with economics.

    First off, something like 99.8% (533 out of 534) of homeowners are able to pay their mortgages. Even with a 57% rise in foreclosures this year ( ), that number drops to 99.7%. (Though this shouldn’t be trivialized, as this means about 150,000 more homes foreclosed this year compared to last, which should concern everyone)

    If it was 95%, that would actually be a HUGE problem: mortgage interest rates would be through the roof, and millions of people would be out of a home.

    So, 95% is wrong and irrelevant, and the meaningful statistic, the increasing number of people losing their homes (57%) is quite relevant to the hundreds of thousands of people forced out of their homes.

    This year, in the state of the union, for the first time since he took office, Bush was not able to announce that “more americans own their own home than at any other time in our history”. That statement was a trusty old one for Bush (since it’s actually been true every year since WWII, and wasn’t something bush made happen, though he tried to take credit); it’s pathetic that he can’t even rely on that stat any longer.

  8. from swimming freestyle:

    Two disappointing and, undoubtedly, related statistics. And stinging indictments of a Bush Administration that is so ideologically bent on deregulation, they’ve given up any stewardship of the American economy. As a consequence, we continue to drift towards an economic downturn European analysts refer to as depression-like while Mr. Bernanke dances nervously in Congressional hearings afraid to say the “R” word and President Bush goes AWOL to a NATO conference. It will require some real Houdini like moves on the part of the Administration and their minions to squirm out of accountability for this gigantic mess.

    Democrats need to loudly remind voters the consequences of leaders allowing outdated and disproven ideological considerations to interfere with the business of managing the government and the, now obvious, implications for the American people.

    Loudly. Very loudly.

  9. Robert in BA says:

    Bush isn’t running this year.
    Only a guy who has his back, and would follow him off the cliff because Bush plays for the same team. Bush isn’t running, but his party is. (So points for bravery… or stupidity). And they backed him to the hilt. Why? Because Bush was the perfect Conservative (puts corporations above the interests of the people, politicizes everything he touches, doesn’t believe in the goodness of the government, etc).

    sorry Bill. He’s your boy, just like McCain. We’ll be happy to remind you about this every day.
    If you ever get tired of supporting a failed ideology, let us know.

  10. captain pat says:

    Thinds are bad ,, i can`t go out and beat the shit out of a bunch of demofags ,and pussy ass liberials without getting locked up.Cheers

  11. BD says:

    I completely agree with this post. Just a couple of weeks ago I was reading the paper and they had the gall to say that the current financial crisis in the U.S. is likely to be judged in retrospect as “the most wrenching since the end of the Second World War.”
    What’s that you say? They were only quoting Alan Greenspan?? My bad.
    I’m beginning to think this blog is really written by a monkey – a real monkey.

  12. GWB says:

    “Thinds are bad ,, i can`t go out and beat the shit out of a bunch of demofags ,and pussy ass liberials without getting locked up.”

    Take that anger for LiBeRiAls out on the battlefield, tough guy.

    You might die but the world would be that much quieter.

    Short sentences are fun.

  13. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Every day when I wake up I thank GOD for my blessings… EVERY DAY. Too bad the secularists and atheists and Defeatocrats and anti-Americans just don’t get it….
    LUKE 1:37 and JOSHUA 1:9 …. So simple and in black and white.

  14. ME says:

    “LUKE 1:37 and JOSHUA 1:9 …. So simple and in black and white.”

    So if two devout Christians enter a cage match (two men enter, one man leaves), how does God know which side to choose? Whatever, rube, your imaginary friend isn’t going to get you out of this one.

    “Thinds are bad ,, i can`t go out and beat the shit out of a bunch of demofags ,and pussy ass liberials without getting locked up.”

    Or getting your cowardly ass handed back to you. Physical threats on the internet… wow you must be so tough! What a jackass.

  15. JackieBinAZ says:

    I love great satire when it exposes utter right wing cluelessness. I especially like how you worked in “swimmingly,” a characterization that gave us all a good belly laugh when used by Ann Coulter to describe how Iraq was going. And the photo of a “surrender monkey Defeat-o-crat” – it was so clever the last 100,000 times it was used that I couldn’t help but chuckle again.

    Thanks for the good laugh. It was a welcome relief to those of us who are aware that it’s very BAD NEWS that our nation’s top financial firm needed a bailout to the tune of billions, that our money is worth less than Canadian money, that after trillions of dollars and five years of war our military is critically weakened (according to our own generals) and Iraq is still not stable, or that gas prices could hit $4 a gallon by summer with associated across the board increases in everything else…

  16. By my count, I have use that photo no more then 107 times, but, it still applies.

    Meanwhile, do you Dems have any feasible plans to fix any of the issues that will not cause more issues, or just complaints?

  17. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    I’ll pray for you / ME! I live within my own MEANS and though times are tough, I have it made compared to grandpa’s DEPRESSION TIMES! MONEY is the root of ALL evil and you’re right about the politicrooks selling us out… Proud to be a Chritian Jackass…THANK-YOU. Now go back to your BIG SCREEN PLASMA television shows, and pay for view cable TV cinisex deals, and $20.00 Domino pizza treats, eh? Keep up with the JONE$E$ too…. PLASTIC purchases galore and don’t eat seconds from yesterday’s meal? Yep…proud to be a Christian Jackass mateys, GOD BLESS!

  18. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    PS: Miss Arizona, LOOK! Wasn’t that a few gringos that just took a bath in your jacuzzi? Too bad to have the Diamondbacks, Coyotes and Cardinals to cheer for? Hasta la vista bonita senorita Arizona….

  19. bob dobbs says:

    “Meanwhile, do you Dems have any feasible plans to fix any of the issues that will not cause more issues, or just complaints?”

    Fixing the debacle we face after 8 years of bush and republican rule is not going to be easy or pain free, but one thing that is a given: Electing McCain for 4 more years of the same insane policies is NOT the solution. Stopping the bleeding (billions of dollars a month to an illegal war that is NOT making anyone safer) is a good start to help our economy. Development of alt energy system to rid ourselves of dependency on an unstable region of the world is our best bet for security — not to mention creating jobs domestically. Figuring out how to make our health care system accessible to all. Stop illegal domestic spying on US citizens. Repair our standing in the world with our allies.

    These are a few places to start.

  20. cbmc says:

    man, there is nothing on the planet more pathetic than this “they’re saying it’s bad, and that’s what’s making it bad!” attempt at spin from the right. the present admin doesn’t have the first clue about economics; that’s the problem here. it doesn’t make you disloyal to admit that: it makes you realistic. “you’re just complaining! what’s your solution?” is a nice attempt at diverting attention from criticism, but is ultimately a cowardly response.

  21. semi-autodiadact says:

    “Bush is not running in 2008.”

    Well – not exactly – now we get appreciably more bloodlust and a few more IQ points…

  22. LiberalPercy says:

    Yup. You are right. We Libruls are just whooping it up over all those folks who need food stamps, children without health care, 4000+ dead in Iraq, record deficits, rising unemployment, Wall Street bailouts, etc.

    Of course, the thing that really makes us happy is knowing we’re not so f**king stupid as to trumpet such horrible poll numbers after 7+ years of our party running things.

    Thanks for pointing what a great job you guys are doing.

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