Another Cartoon Controversy: Iran This Time

For a change, conspiracy theory nutballs have provided some interesting information

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As the war of words between Western nations led by United States and Iran’s hardline government over its nuclear program has escalated in the past few weeks, a cartoon published on the editorial page of the Columbus Dispatch on September 4 has created a furor among Iranians worldwide.

The cartoon by Michael Ramirez portrays Iran as a sewer with the word "extremism" on its lid. Cockroaches are shown spreading out across the region and infecting Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan with "extremism".

Hmm, sure seemed to take a while to get out there. Wonder why it is coming out now? Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with Ahmanutjob speaking to the UN on the 24th, could it?

But for many Iranians, it is a visualization of a new propaganda war that echoes the way a large part of the US media backed the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Ali Sheikholeslami, executive director of the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California, said the cartoon perpetuates the dehumanization of Iranians, and Muslims in general.

Blah blah blah. Story goes on about this being some full American media and government conspiracy to prepare for war against Iran, "similar to what happened in the run up to Iraq."

"It can easily be misunderstood, and in that sense the cartoonist has failed because [he] has wanted to be critical. A good cartoon should make a political statement without stereotyping. The more a cartoonist reverts to stereotyping, the greater the risk is to be misunderstood and be hurtful to the people," said Holm.

Yet, I bet these same liberals have no problems with the disgusting, and sometimes racist, cartoons by leftists such as Ted Rall and Pat Oliphant, among others.

If the average Iranian doesn’t like the comparison, well, perhaps they should do something about their country being one of the worst terror supporters in the world, if not the worst.

A big pirate welcome to all the Sadly, No! Holocaust deniers and Iranian jihad supporters!

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16 Responses to “Another Cartoon Controversy: Iran This Time”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    So Columbia Peversity has replaced Hanoi Jane Fonda now in giving aid and comfort and propaganda to the enemy – radical islamofascist terrorism. And Columia removed ROTC from it’s left-wing campus in 1969? Glad that my son and Blackbeard are red state educated! Columbia Lions, er Liars 2007! Perhaps the Ivy elites ought to look up the word PROPAGANDA, eh?

  2. What a beautiful life; we have been blessed…

    Dost Thou look upon thee with adorning eyes? Searching my soul for my every care. Such blessings I humbly accept with the knowledge that I am less than rags upon Thou’s sight. How merciful and graceful Thou art to me. Thou hast come at my time ……..

  3. Rosemary says:

    Oops! Sorry I’m late with the tb. I noticed I skipped some and put you on a wrong article. No wonder almost everytime I tried to tb someone today, my haloscan kept telling me I had been there and done that! 😉

    How ye be this bright and easy day? (I don’t really know to talk like a pirate that well, so I’m figgerin that ye might be willing to help teach this here l’il lass.)

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  5. beth says:

    LOVE the cartoon!!! I’ve seen that somewhere before though (I think!) – a long time ago. Maybe I dreamed it:)

    Its hits the nail right on the head.

  6. Portrayal of Iranian Culture Under Ahmadinejad…

    This is a great cartoon – its one of the most accurate portrayals of Iran’s role in the Middle East that I’ve seen. I found it at The Pirate’s Cove.

  7. I thought I had seen it earlier, as well. But could not find it earlier, and the link for the story was recent.

    Describes Iran perfectly though, eh?

  8. brad says:

    You do realize Nazis were fond of calling their opponents cockroaches?
    You might want to think before Godwinning yourself.

  9. Rosemary says:

    Thought about it…nope. God wins everytime! 😉

  10. brad says:

    Holocaust deniers? Wow, you suck hard.
    I’ve had some good friends and good teachers who were survivors, asshole.
    Being rational does not equal anti-semitic, jackass. Try it some time.

  11. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Brad… The Final Solution’s murderers either killed themselves or swung at the end of a rope at Nurenburg’s Trials (1946)… a few escaped to Brazil and elsewhere. Naziism and Islamofascism are both in the same, and Totalitarianism as well. The islamomaniacs and iraniacs are getting a free pass by the liberal elites and UN and Eurabian / Europeon Union! and click on JIHAD & ISLAMIC MEIN KAMPF

  12. Brad, I meant to put a smiley face on that line, but, I was editing using my Crackberry while out watching football. However, I guess you do not like it when people call you nasty names back, eh?

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  15. beth says:

    No they don’t like name calling except when they do it, which is often.

    They did defend Ahma-dinner-jacket throughout that thread over there at that Sad place. They say we misunderstand Ahma-jihad.

    They’re just afraid to face reality so they live in their own little worlds.

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