Aside: Vanessa Hudgens Nude

Woops! Another actress in the nude. And, the picture is real. Vanessa Hudgens made a bit of a mistake taking that picture, eh? (NSFW!!!!!)

BTW, I am glad I did not post the picture. If you read this People article, it sure looks to me that she was underage when it was taken.

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9 Responses to “Aside: Vanessa Hudgens Nude”

  1. gre says:

    And again I have to wonder about a society that is so fixated and thrilled to see it’s celebrities fall. Sad.

  2. I was actually intending to write more about the situation, such as how these hollywood folks are such bad role models for the kids that idolize them. Just ran out of time.

    Also, to be honest, it is a traffic whoring post.

  3. Anferny says:

    I found photos of the nude Vanessa Hudgens @

  4. ACE says:

    Thanks for telling us where the pics are, do u know of any others

  5. The only ones I ran across, through a couple links at the Jawa Report, where non nude ones (

  6. Vanessa Hudgens Nude may help High School Musicals…

    The Web is bustling with stories about a nude photo of Vanessa Hudgens, of the High School Musical fame. [image NSFW]…

  7. Sierra says:

    Actually, I’m glad shes gotten busted, I mean I hate her… shes WAY to happy, who does that???? Now we know shes a slut and is desperate for Zac Efron

  8. It is just typical behavior from youngsters nowadays.

  9. David says:

    Come on, people! You either bash her for being naked or you want to have sex with her! When will this prudish country wake up?! Now, listen to me very carefully. I’ve said this time and time again on other websites that I can comment on. Now, I’m commenting here. Nudity is not something dirty! It’s not shameful! It’s called naturism, aka naturally nude, part of nature! After all, we are all born naturally naked with everything showing! Why is a naked baby cute and adorable, but then, after a certain age, usually 3 or 4, it becomes obscene and dirty?! Since you…and I mean people in general…hate natural nudity, I guess then, we should start being born with clothes on so NO ONE dares to see any accidental nudity! Can you imagine that? I can just imagine a baby being born with clothes on. (doctor) “Well, here it is. Uhhh…is it a girl or a boy? (doctor 2)I don’t know, but we can’t take its clothes off. Someone might get offended and we wouldn’t want that. We’ll have to wait until the baby’s older to see if he or she is developing here (chest area) or grows longer hair or something. (man)Why can’t we just see if it’s a boy or girl now? (doctor 1)Because, people will get offended if the baby’s naked. (woman)Why didn’t we use that ultrasound months ago? (man)Well, we didn’t want the fetus to appear naked. Besides, it probably already had clothes on anyway.” Now, I know much of this makes no sense, but then, neither does criticizing a celebrity just because of a nude photo. Then, people wonder why pornography is so widespread across this nation! If people can’t see natural nudity in a wholesome family atmosphere, then they resort to pornographic images of nudity. Besides, very few people look like the women of porn magazines and websites. Most of those models are airbrushed or something to make them fit in with the “thin” crowd! With natural nudity, people come in all shapes and sizes and ages. Nudist places have people ranging from infants to great-grandparents, all or mostly nude. Vanessa Hudgens, if she was “underage” in the photo in question, would fit in with the nudists. And, why did she have to apologize?! If people could accept nudity like places in Europe, this hype would not be an issue, now would it? If I ever meet her in person someday, I’m gonna have a nice long talk about natural nudity with her. I’m not saying I WILL meet her. I’m just saying IF I meet her. I’ve been explaining this on several websites. I’m getting sick and tired of repeating myself, over and over again. But, I do it to prove a point…a point that very few people agree with, I’m afraid. You gotta give me credit for trying at least. That is all for now. I hope I don’t have to repeat myself again, at least, on this site anyway.

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