Shamnesty Blockers: Fund Border Security

Washington Post

Democrats and Republicans who blocked the Senate immigration bill this week say it’s now time to focus on immigration law enforcement, and say President Bush should still find a way to pump $4.4 billion he promised into border security.

“There is a consensus that we must secure our borders and enforce our laws. So let’s start there,” said Sen. Elizabeth Dole, North Carolina Republican; while Sen. Wayne Allard, Colorado Republican, said Congress should “find common-sense solutions to the labor concerns we face in the agriculture industry and start doing what we all know needs to be done — secure the border and enforce our existing laws.”

Show the People that the federal government is serious, and will do all they can to stop illegal aliens from entering the country, and will find and deport illegal aliens, you know, those folks who are doing jobs like stealing American jobs, stealing their social security numbers and ruining people’s credit, trying to run Americans over with cars, assaulting Americans, and killing Americans.

It is unconscionable that the borders have not been even mildly secured 6 years after 9/11.

House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer, Maryland Democrat, told The Washington Times that he wants to pass a broad bill, but said Democrats won’t tackle that unless more Republicans agree to support that position.

He didn’t rule out taking a piecemeal approach, adding that there are some individual bills, such as the Dream Act to give illegal aliens in high school and college access to in-state tuition at public colleges and universities, that might be passed.

First, can Congress be sued for discrimination if they pass the Dream Act? Giving non-citizens in-state tuition would discriminate against so many others. Besides the fact that it is simply disgusting that Congress would even consider rewarding people who broke out laws in entering the country illegally, as well as allowing them to remain in school.

Second, piecemeal is the way it should be done, and leave out the amnesty. Deal with employers that hire illegals, slap the penalties on. Deal with those coming in legally. Make sure there is a system so that 1/3 do not end up overstaying their visas. Make sure we know WHO is coming in legally, ala the 19 9/11 hijackers, who entered the USA multiple times, all legally. We can have a good guest worker program, and, while amnesty is ugly, there are some exceptions, such as with the wife of Army Spc. Alex Jimenez.

Piecemeal would allow the American public to know exactly what was being considered, rather then some 700-800 page monstrosity.

But Mr. Chertoff warned “you will continue to see heart-wrenching examples of families being pulled apart” as he enforces existing laws.

In other words, we should feel sorry for families that are not deported in full, despite them being law breakers. One parent gets caught, the other goes in to hiding. I have yet to hear Chertoff complain about the heart-wrenching examples of American families being pulled apart as one parent is sent to jail for breaking the law. Why is that?

Why does Chertoff even care about the illegals? Isn’t his job to deal with Homeland security, as in, protecting the legal citizens of the United States of America?

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5 Responses to “Shamnesty Blockers: Fund Border Security”

  1. Ana Romero says:

    I find these comments racist. It is clearly propoganda designed to make our communities fear all hispanics. Funny they do not mention the millions they contribute to the social security system, false socials or not, they do not mention that their underpaid labor affords Americans cheaper housing , hotels rooms, and farm labor, which let’s admit non of us would do for $3.00 hr. Are those the jobs they are stealing from us? Secondly the last time I was in an accident the drivers were not illigal aliens but uninsured Americans. Blaming them for asaulting and killing us takes the cake, it is obvious she does not know anything about the statistics concerning prisons and law enforcement. Now I know how the Irish felt back in 1831. Does anyone remember that? These comments are only fear manifested into hate. Let us work with Mexico to provide jobs for them. That is all they are seeking, a chance to feed their families.

    “and will do all they can to stop illegal aliens from entering the country, and will find and deport illegal aliens, you know, those folks who are doing jobs like stealing American jobs, stealing their social security numbers and ruining people’s credit, trying to run Americans over with cars, assaulting Americans, and killing Americans.”

  2. The fallacy of “Freedom of Speech”….

    Here is a question – does freedom of speech truly exist, or is this a fallacy that has been propagated over the years? Mind you, I am not specifically talking about the First Amendment which states:
     “Congress shall make no law respecting an estab…

  3. Ana, your immediate response to call any opposition as “racism” is a typical disengenuous response to immediately stifle debate.

    The debate against illegals has nothing to do with who is coming in: it is simply that they are coming in.

    BTW, regardless of what the forms say, most of the Hispanics coming across the border are actually caucasion, no matter how brown skinned they are, meaning, it cannot be racism.

  4. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    and LAWBREAKERS and PHONY IDENTIFICATIONS and IDENTITY THEFT SCUM-BAGS don’t liberals understand / comprende in the U.S. / Estados Unidos Blackbeard? – The 189 Alamo Patriots 1836

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