Pinups Ordered Removed From British Harriers

Well, this sucks (and for a change, I’m not slamming the HuffPost. Can’t find the story anywhere else)

LONDON — British air force officials ordered the images of a pair of models removed from the nose cones of two fighter jets because they were deemed offensive, a spokesman said Tuesday.

The two Harrier Jets, which had been stationed in Afghanistan to provide ground attack support to NATO operations in the country, featured the silhouettes of British pinups Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh, who had visited troops stationed there last year.

But after one of the planes was spotted by Royal Air Force (RAF) officials at a base in Britain, the silhouettes were ordered to be removed, the RAF spokesman said on condition of anonymity in line with force policy.

“We have women that fly the planes, women that fix the planes and it’s just not appropriate,” he told The Associated Press.

PC world. Did any of the women complain? Is it really necessary to, in effect, blame women for some staff weeny being a prude? I doubt the women serving in Afghanistan are wilting flowers.

How about a couple of Lucy?

Lucy Pinder 

Nothing for Michelle Marsh. A, I don’t think she is that hot, and B, most of the photos out there seem to be nude, or boring. Lucy Pinder, now, yummy! Can’t argue with a woman who wears a pirate thong or patriotic swimsuit!

Well, guess there is more out there, found this at the Daily Mail. There is a picture of Michelle Marsh signed her pinup, which seems to be only a sillouette. PC Police 1-normal people 0

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4 Responses to “Pinups Ordered Removed From British Harriers”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Some Normandy D-Day Anniversary gratitude in pip-pip land – the Eurabian Europeon Union, eh? Go to The Sun’s Page 3 Girls at and enjoy the best of the British gals…I used to hit this site a lot in my younger days. Wimbledon – Up!

  2. Nothing wrong with a good pinup. It’s a good way to send a little Jihadi off to meet their 72 virgins 😉

  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Love the cock-pits and if they fly upside down matey…they’ll have crack – up! My cousin, Dr. Strangelove B-52 Is Ok, says it’s all about one’s bodily fluids? I love the vintage WW II nose art sketches on the B-17’s, B-24’s and B-29’s….when WE used to BOMB our enemies into submission, eh? Oh those WERE the days Blackbeard. Bombs away baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hazel says:

    I can’t speak for all women – but for CRYING OUT LOUD!!

    I thought it was tradition to have women painted on the planes? All the pics I’ve seen of my father and uncles in WWII next to their planes had sexy women on them.

    It can’t be good luck to make them take them off!

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