Global Warming And Elections 2008

Silly, just silly

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The 2008 White House race is bringing American global warming politics in from the cold, as candidates churn out complex plans on an increasingly key campaign issue.

"There is no doubt that energy and global warming are making a bigger imprint on this election than in past elections. (They) are now among the top tier issues," said Navin Nayak, Global Warming Project Director at the League of Conservation Voters (LCV).

Unfortunately, Nayak is correct. The libs keep pushing their "Man is the only culprit meme," yet fail to live the life they want everyone else to live, and Conservatives have to rebutt their silliness. And energy is majorly important. Could someone remind me which side is blocking exploration and drilling for oil on US properties, as well as building new refineries? I’m having a hard time with that one.

Al Gore, former vice-president turned environmental crusader, believes climate change politics is set to become dominant.

"I know it seems like an unrealistic goal right now, but I will wager that by the time the elections of November 2008 come around, it will be the number one issue in both parties," he told National Public Radio last week.

Because protecting the United States from illegal immigrants and terrorist wackjobs just isn’t that important in Liberal World.

A poll by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press in January, found 55 percent of Americans wanted government action on global warming.

Forty-eight percent of Democrats thought it should be a priority — compared to only 23 percent of Republicans.

Someone slap a cease and desist order on the Sun and the Earth right now, damnit!

A Gallup poll in April found 65 percent of Americans wanted the government to launch a research effort on new energy sources, and 60 percent agreed government office buildings should be made to use renewable energy.

But favorable numbers dipped below 50 percent when voters were asked about measures that would carry a financial cost, like surcharges on utility bills and bans on gas thirsty cars.

In other words, "everyone else needs to change but me."

Democrat 2008 hope Edwards sums up the place of global warming in his campaign, with a graphic on his website: "To Do list: Iraq, Health Care, Global Warming, Poverty."

The former senator tells supporters around the country: "this is an emergency … the President of the United States should ask Americans to be patriotic about something other than war."

Yup, because terrorist nutjobs who have already attacked us are not important, as I already wrote, in Liberal World. One of the last people in the USA to be yapping about any of those issues is Edwards, as he still has no plan, other then surrender, for Iraq, seriously damaged the health care industry (particularly in the baby birthing realm), lives in a monster house, and gets $400 haircuts.

As far as patriotism goes, that is just plain silly, equating a mostly natural process with a war against enemies who want to destroy us. Maybe the Breck Girl can file a lawsuit against Mother Earth.

One of the shames in all this is that Conservative candidates and the national GOP aren’t out there slamming these folks.

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