Global Warming: Save The Polar Bears (?)

Those polar bears are in massive danger, right?

Polar Bear Gore( – Polar bears have become an "icon" of the global warming movement, but the fate of the creatures and the role played by climate change remains the subject of dispute among scientists.

But Willie Soon, a climate scientist based in Massachusetts, is among those raising questions about some of the most recent research on polar bears. He contends that polar bear populations have actually been increasing since hunting restrictions were initiated in the early 1970s.

Soon also said there has been too narrow a focus on the bears' Western Hudson Bay population – one of a total of 19. (Polar bears are reportedly found in 15 locations in Canada, as well as one each in Alaska, Denmark, Norway and Russia.)

Studies that claim polar bears are unlikely to survive are problematic, he said, because the climate models that foresee a disappearance of sea ice focus on late summer – a period when the Hudson Bay is largely ice-free anyway, regardless of any human influence on greenhouse gas emissions, he said.

I'm shocked! The studies on climate change as they focus on those soft, cuddly polar bears (who kill baby seals to eat. I wonder what PETA thinks?) are biased? The hell you say.

Mitch Taylor, a polar bear expert with the Department of the Environment in Canada's far-northern Nunavut territory, has reported that the Canadian population has actually increased by 25 percent over the past 10 years.

Heck, maybe the bears like it a bit warmer.

James Taylor, a senior fellow of environmental policy at the conservative-leaning Heartland Institute, told Cybercast News Service in a series of email messages that the Antarctic ice mass is actually growing, the Greenland ice mass is in "rough balance," and polar bears are not drowning.

"The polar bear drowning myth is typical of the deceit practiced by many global warming alarmists," he said. "Polar bears are very strong swimmers and have been documented swimming more than 60 miles without interruption."

Haven't these global warming hysterics ever watched National Geographic or the Discover Channel? Jeez, they might actually learn something about the polar bear. Like them being able to swim very well and very far, that they kill and eat baby seals as their preferable meal, and they will kill a human if they get too near.

If it is warming, maybe they should measure the solar activity in the area. How about the human interaction in the Western Hudson Bay area. Do fishing boats, which leave gas and oil trails, cause issues? How about over fishing? Less fish, less seals, less bears, who either move on, starve to death, or just cannot adequately feed their young. Whatever is going on, I'm willing to listen, but, I would like to see real scientific data and research, not political posturing, conjecture, and alarmist rhetoric, most of which says "global warming is real, prove me wrong, and no, I don't have much data." Oh, and "give me money." Global warming is big business.

More: Raven takes on global warming taking a toll on children's health. The lengths that the Global Warming hysterics won't go to.

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4 Responses to “Global Warming: Save The Polar Bears (?)”

  1. Raven says:

    Hey get with the times matey! It’s not about polar bears no more. Global warming will give children fever. Really.

    OMG if I keep reading the utter bulloney that continues to come out from this GW crap….

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    The infamous ‘polar bear on broken ice’ clip last week was hilarious, for when we flew over Alaska my crews could see the polar bears swimming to these fragmented pieces of ice to frolic and go FISHING!
    NO bi-polar bears here W.T……
    Leave it to the GOREONS to lie and …’Goebel The Public’ with false propaganda messages! Again, having a U.S. and International Passport from 1976-1997 opened my eyes north to south and east to west..and towards the Big G in Heaven!
    –Former Southern Blue Dog Dem….Reagan
    Republican… and Bushbacker 1999-2057!

    “Leadership is the thing that wins battles. I have it, but I’ll be damned if I can define it. It probably consists of knowing what you want to do, and then doing it, and getting mad as HELL if anyone tries to get in your way. Self confidence and leadership are twin brothers.” **** Gen. George S. Patton Jr.

  3. Exactly. It is complete crap, but, it is big money making crap, so people like gore push it.

  4. Emily says:

    wow maybe you should just look at the polar ice caps and realize if you don’t care it won’t only affect the polar bears…it will actually affect people! hard to believe huh? yeah well unless people want to have the water rising and flooding the costal lines maybe people should care! If people want their furture generations to live then people should care.

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