The Pope, Islam, and Irony

So, Pope Benedict XVI made some comments about Islam and the violence of its tenents.

In Germany last week, the German-born leader of more than one billion Roman Catholics implicitly denounced links between Islam and violence, particularly with reference to jihad, or "holy war".

Quoting a 14th-century Byzantine emperor on the Prophet Mohammed, founder of the Muslim faith, the pope said: "He said, I quote, 'Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached'."

So, of course, the Muzzies are all pissed off. Like liberals, they do not like when people point out the truth about them. The Pope was simply discussing the organized violence in the name of Allah perpetrated by tenents of Islam. It isn't Christians constantly blowing themselves up, cutting off heads, torturing to death, etc, all in the name of God. It is Muslims. And the so called moderate Muslims keep their mouths shut. Unless the truth is told.

In true irony, the AFP writes

In Gaza City on Friday four small makeshift bombs exploded near the oldest Christian church, while Palestinian prime minister Ismail Haniya said the pope's comments "go against the truth and touch the heart of our faith".

But that must be a coincidence, because Muslims never wage jihad, and are never violent, right?

  • * A week after bomb attacks claimed 31 lives in this textile town, thousands of people on Friday, gathered for prayers amidst tight security at the Bada Kabristan mosque that was targeted in the blasts.
  • * Five members of the Palestinian Intelligence Service were killed Friday as they left a mosque in a Gaza refugee camp, according to Palestinian security sources.
  • *New Delhi, Sep 15: Supporters of Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid Ahmed Bukhari and Delhi Deputy Speaker Shoaib Iqbal clashed outside the historic mosque here today leaving four persons, including two policemen, injured.

They cannot even be non violent around their mosques. Heck, some of them try and rip the mosques off. Seemingly, the majority of stories about serious violence tend to involve Muslims. Of course, it is usually written as a "person of Middle Eastern descent."

The violence is minor right now, but, remembering the Koran flushing affair, expect it to grow.

People are calling for the Pope to apologize for telling the truth. Apparently, even the New York Times doesn't like Free Speech, as well as showing that they do not get what Muslims are doing in this world

There is more than enough religious anger in the world. So it is particularly disturbing that Pope Benedict XVI has insulted Muslims, quoting a 14th-century description of Islam as “evil and inhuman.”

The Times has named Pope the bad guy in this affair. Not the Muslims, who blow people up, cut their head…..well, you know the score. If you don't, you haven't been paying attention. Like the New York Times.

From Captain Ed:

Benedict never says this explicitly, but Islam's demands that all criticism be silenced turns doctrine into dictatorship, which rejects God on a very basic level. A central tenet of most religions is that humans lack the divine perfection to claim knowledge of the totality of the Divine wisdom. Islam practices a form of supremacy that insists on unquestioned obedience or at least silence of all criticism, especially from outsiders, and creates a violent reaction against it when it occurs.

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3 Responses to “The Pope, Islam, and Irony”

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  2. Joe says:

    God bless the Pope for his comments. We need more christian leaders like the pope. Not leaders on their knees kissing the ass of Islamic a-holes. I only regret that he apologized. That was his only mistake. He should have made even stronger statements after these idiots reacted the way they did – commenting on how his first statement was correct and therefore justified!

    I say this – the christian religion needs to commit jihad on all Muslims of the world. They need to be exterminated from the planet once and for all. Their heads need to be stuck to the end of a pike. The holy crusades need to be started again to purge the world of this filthy disease called Islam.

    I’m sick of the nation’s religious and political leaders kissing the Islamic leadership’s ass.

    They can take their stinky birkas, headscarves, suicide bombers, mosques, dirty filthy beards, and shove them all into the depths of hell.

    What a joke when people say “peace loving muslims” I want to vomit when I hear that tripe-propaganda BS!!!

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