Beer Monday Linkfest: Really Hot. Not Global Warming

How to stay cool in this heat

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Before the global warming caused solely by Man conspiracy nuts get started, the current heat wave is nothing new.

During the Battle of Monmouth, June 28,1778, the day was almost, if not higher, then 100 degrees. Almost as many, if not more, men lost their lives to heat stroke then to battle related injuries.

This was during the time known as the Little Ice Age, which wouldn't end till around the 1850's. Remember Washington's crossing of the Delaware, and how cold that winter was?

Or how about the 1901 heat wave, where around 9,500 Americans died? Not much time for the industrial revolution to get going. And, you had the Galveston hurricane in 1900, a supposed category 5.

Some scientists are disputing the effect of global warming on hurricanes, saying the data used was flawed. I have to wonder myself, since we have only had two named storms, and it is July 31. In 2005, there had already been 6 named storms, not to mention the tropical waves.

So do not start barking at the moon, Global Warming nuts.

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3 Responses to “Beer Monday Linkfest: Really Hot. Not Global Warming”

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