Condi In The Mid East

Condi Rice is in the Mid East to talk about the on-going stuggle between the oppressed Lebanese, protected by the daring freedom fighters and political party Hezbollah, and the facist warmongering Israeli's. She has been seen wearing a daring white pants suit, showing too much cleavage, and no veil. She's a lesbian, you know.

Do you think I read moonbat sites a wee bit too often? Wink

Seriously, she has made some interesting statements

“I have no doubt there are those who wish to strangle a democratic and sovereign Lebanon in its crib,” Rice said as she met with Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. “We, of course, also urgently want to end the violence.”

Standing beside (Israeli PM) Olmert as they prepared to meet in his office, Rice reiterated the U.S. position that a cessation of hostilities in Lebanon must come with conditions that make an enduring peace. She said she has “no desire” to be back in weeks or months after terrorists find another way to disrupt any potential cease fire.

“It is time for a new Middle East,” she said. “It is time to say to those that don’t want a different kind of Middle East that we will prevail. They will not.”

It is time for a new Middle East, and it needs to start with the Arab countries. They are the ones who attacked Israel 4 times, and, since they couldn't defeat Israel militarily, they now support terrorist groups. It is the Arab nations who wish to see Israel wiped off the map, not the other way around. It is the Palestinians who have continued to live in squallor because Arab nations and groups will not help them, or allow help. Israel has tried to help them with money and support. Israel has given land, won fairly in wars launched against them, back to the Palestinian people.

And, Israel is but one country. As long as you have countries like Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, to name a few, and their leaders, supporting extremist Islam and attacks on Israel, there can be no peace. Because the United States will not allow the extermination of the Israeli nation, and, based on past performance, neither will the Israeli people.

Of course, the EU cluebats don't get it

Rice, who has disappointed some U.S. allies with her support of Israel, also met Tuesday with Israel Defense Minister Amir Peretz.

I say to them, tough titty. Get over it. You are not helping with your anti-Israel sentiment, your abject Jewish hatred.

Of course, many EU countries are scared of their own Muslim populations, such as France, which is about 25% Muslim. At least we know that a quarter of the French population will fight when the German Panzers cross the speed bumps at the border.

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