Not Banned In Iran

So, I was playing around with some proxy IP's yesterday, seeing if I was blocked in India, along with the other Band of the Banned. Yup. Banned, blocked, no access.

However, get this: I ran across some Iranian IP's, and was able to get two to work. None of us was banned. You would think they would at least get The Jawa Report (which would have been an honor.) How do I know? When I accessed the political forum I post at, blocked.

Trying again with a different Iranian IP (which was quite fast, unlike alot of proxy's)

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Click for full size.

That is the same message I got yesterday with both the IP's, with a message in the title bar that stated "blocked" on one of them.

So, go figure. Banned in a supposed democratic country, not blocked in a harsh, repressive, Muslim nation.

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4 Responses to “Not Banned In Iran”

  1. Radha says:

    Good going.
    Indian GOvernment is run by jokers and third rated communist. They are braindead.
    Keep doing good work.

  2. Stacy says:

    India sure doesn’t have a problem accepting tech support calls, now do they?

    (Strong Indian accent–Thank you for calling Direcway, the leader in satellite Internet communication my name is Bob how can I help you?) Yea Bob. F**kers.

  3. naresh says:

    Sonia’s congress is a Khmer rouge in the making. I am glad Americans
    are waking up to it (No, she is not just Italian but a die hard socialist). How long we have to stand Congress’s tyranny, I dont know.
    All Indians are not like Manmohan Singh or Sonia Gandhi.

    I stand by the American and Israeli people. And this blog. I have forwarded this website to all my contacts. If congress party stooge is
    reading this website (which I presume they must be), yes you are KHMER ROUGE in the making.

  4. […] OK, I’ve been reading stuff about the ban and there is a lot of confusion about some of the sites under the ban order. So for those who don’t know this already (which is probably most people, but not regular readers of this site or the other blocked US sites). First, Merri Musings: USED TO BE the blog for Merri. Merri moved off Typepad months ago, and some scumbag snatched the URL up for porn crap. After a lot of complaints to Typepad about it, they deleted the X-rated blog that was using the URL (it was only there for maybe a week, anyway). Since then, the URL has been 404. That’s why nobody can get to it, ban or no ban. The ban was on a defunct URL! Second, Princess Kimberley: Princess Kimberley (not Kimberly) used to have a blog at Apparently she also deleted her blog and Blogspot account, and it was snatched up by some “Tony” clown, who’s got a few other empty blogs stashed away. Princess Kimberley is someone totally different from “Princess Kimberly” or this “Tony” guy. I haven’t seen her around commenting in quite some time, but some of us in certain blogging circles know who she is and know of her old blog. Her blog was, like mine and countless others, anti-Islamofascist (only hers was more hardcore than mine, to say the least). Next: Common Folk Using Common Sense. That’s another one that used to be hosted at Blogspot. As most people have noticed, it’s a Korean(?)-language blog now at CFCS’ old URL ( Scroll over the links–they all point to a Korean site with subdomains. Looks like a spammer/splogger, who just snatched up the old URL because there were a lot of other sites linking to it already. (Splog has been reported and flagged to Blogger now). CFCS is now hosted at its own domain. My Pet Jawa (aka The Jawa Report): It’s not JAVA, it’s JAWA. Like in Star Wars. Most people seem to have figured this out, but some still are reporting “mypetjava.” I’m sure all of us American blogs that are banned know exactly why we’re banned. It all comes down to one post at one blog (not at this blog) that had pictures with our blog URLs on the pictures. In the case of the first three listed above, the Typepad/Blogspot URLs were correct at the time of the post, but that was long ago. I have no idea if their current (or sites are actually banned or not. At this point I have no idea WHO is still banned–apparently I’m still banned, although I was told by someone before that I was un-banned. I wish I could get worked up about this, but as it is, I never got much traffic from India anyway. I doubt any of us (Americans) did. That’s not the issue anyway; it’s the dhimmitude that disgusts me, and of course the suppression of freedom. I’m just a lot more concerned at the moment with the Mumbai terrorist attacks, when it comes to events in India right now. I feel kinda silly writing about an internet ban when that kind of thing is still being investigated, you know? (Not to mention other things going on in the world.) I’m just writing this because others have written about it and the bad URLs are leading people on wild goose chases, but this will likely be the last thing I write about it. I’d sure like to know how this whole issue resolves, though. Here’s an interesting article from March about Indian secularists’ appeasement of Indian Muslim activists. Kinda makes you wonder if the ruling secularists will ever get to the bottom of the Mumbai terrorist bombings. If they tend toward coddling terrorists, I’m not surprised at the internet block at all. […]

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