Hurricane Evac Orders? Bah Humbug

Apparently, last years hurricane season, one of the most active ever, including Katrina and Rita (I sitll like Ophelia), has not changed peoples minds

One in four people in Southern coastal states said they would ignore government hurricane evacuation orders, according to a Harvard University survey done earlier this month.

The most common reasons respondents gave for not evacuating were confidence that their home is well-built, belief that roads would be too crowded and concern that evacuating would be dangerous.

"Public officials have to realize a substantial group of people are going to remain and be very dependent on rescue efforts after a storm hits," said Robert Blendon, the Harvard health policy professor who directed the survey.

And, of course, any and all issues surrounding a hurricane strike will be blamed on President Bush, rather then people who should take responibility for their own safety. Granted, not everyone can get out, at least not easily, as we saw in New Orleans. But, at that point, it is up to local and state officials to either take care of it, or ask the feds for help.

Interestingly, this survey encompased over 2,000 people, who "were 18 and older and lived in counties within 50 miles of the coastline in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina." Compare that to national political surveys who poll less the 1,000 people across the country to make a determination of which way the political winds are blowing.

Me, I live rather far from the coast, but have been through some ugly hurricane weather, including Gloria, Charley, Emily, Bertha, Bonnie, Fran and Floyd. Not alot of fun, and they were only tropical storms, for those that hit Raleigh.

But, I remember going down to Emerald Isle to help a friend board up his parents beach home, since people were not sure where Hurricane Hugo was going to go. We could see the clouds 10 hours before impact, from a couple hundred miles away.

If someone wants to get stuck in that, it is on their own heads.

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5 Responses to “Hurricane Evac Orders? Bah Humbug”

  1. Maggie says:

    Let’s make them sign a release form (1) that they will NOT call authorities for evacuation or any other kind of assistance DURING THE STORM. (2) that they have medical supplies, sufficient provisions, and means to provide for themselves and their CHILDREN for a minimum for three weeks and (3) that they submit a completed a “next of kin” form so we know who will claim their bodies.

    In addition: If they have not taken basic survival or first aid courses, they must sign a statement that they do not believe this information might prove useful.

    If I think of anything else, Teach, I’ll put sure to jump back in!

  2. Some good ideas, maggie. Of course, the ACLU would have a hissy fit over making people take responsibility for themselves.

  3. MRaybon says:

    well as a resident on the Al coast. have grown up here…. we all know if we are going to stay during a hurricane to make sure you have provisions to last 3 days to one week…. none of us expect Uncle George to come and get us….. you go around dragging everything from the outside to the inside, so as not to leave ‘projectiles’ in the wind…. you start buying batteries and canned goods early, like in January….. if you’re stupid enough to stay, then you have to put up with inconveniences….. my mother was 82 when Ivan went through, she wouldn’t leave, the next year, she was 83, when Katrina came through, she wouldn’t leave….. I wanted to leave both times, but felt I shouldn’t…. so afterwards, we had to find food and ice for my Mom and my sister, till things got going again… down here, we try to take care of our own… and you too, if you get stranded with us…. unless your ethnic background doesn’t allow that, … but I will take a hurricane over an earthquake or a tornado…. we have some days of warning before a hurricane hits, what about you people with earthquakes and tornados? whats the earliest you get a warning? ahhh the price to live in paradise 🙂

  4. You have some very valid points, there, MRaybon. Especially considering I just got rained on big time with a T-storm trying to squeeze 9 in. Nasty.

  5. Ogre says:

    I continue to wonder at what point, exactly, did everyone else become MY responsibility via government. Government can use their ability to warn people, but that’s as far as they should be concerned.

    If you want to stay, go ahead. But as others have pointed out, you’re on your own, as you should be every other single damn day of the year!

    Damn freedom-hating nanny-state socialist whiners.

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