Loons Just Cannot Stop

From a Raleigh News and Observer letter:

Iran and Syria must be laughing their heads off. They sat back and watched as Bush & Co. rushed to war in Iraq on false pretenses to satisfy ideology and egos. They sat back and watched as we depleted our resources, depleted our military and depleted our standing in the world. Now they will move in for the kill in Israel, in the region, and, they think, in the world.

Those of us who were against this fabricated war in the beginning were asked by the Republicans and the nationalists, "Why do you hate your country?" Hello?

Ah, yes, leftards at their best.

In response, I wrote this:

Iran and Syria must be laughing their heads off. They sat back and watched as the American Left complained non stop against any measure used to fight the war on terror. The laughed as the American Left did all they could to undermine the United States. They sit back and laugh as the American Left states uncategorically that our military is depleted. And they laughed at 30 years of treating terrorism as a police problem.

And now they laugh at people who call for diplomacy and blame President Bush, instead of the terrorist organizations and those who back them.

They laugh at people who are so caught up in seething Bush hatred that they constantly recycle stale talking points about Iraq. I'm still waiting for all that Iraqi oil to show up, myself.

Those of us who do not have an irrational hatred of everything Bush have to wonder "why do you hate your country? Why you insist on undercutting the USA against those who propose to destroy her?"

We'll see if the N&O has the chutzpah to print it.

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6 Responses to “Loons Just Cannot Stop”

  1. Ogre says:

    Oh, wait, so now the left supports THIS war, but not the other one?

  2. Probably more of the “we just need to complain” syndrome then anything else. If we made any moves towards war with Syria or Iraq, the Left would wet their pants.

  3. Scrapiron says:

    Remarks today by a lot of the moonbats prove that a large part of the dumorats are not only against the U.S. as a whole, but are also totally anti-semitic. I guess this is designed to get the Jewish vote (not) in Nov and 2008. I suspect at least a few of them would change their mind if Castro started lobbing missiles into their cities and killing their family members. But again, maybe not. A lot of them don’t seem to value family very much or not at all. They chose a life style that will assure they have no offspring and effectively they are the last of their family anyway.

  4. What Everybody’s Talking About…

    So WhatÂ’s Everybody Talking About?…

  5. Ogre says:

    From what I’ve seen over the years, the Democrats absolutely count on the Jewish vote. Why else do you think lead moonbat Hillary came out and made a strong statement that Israel had the right to defend itself?

  6. William Teach says:

    Yes, they do, but the moonbats themselves are violently anti-Israel.

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