Miscellaneous DU Follies

Always good for a laugh

First, don't forget that the USA is the only country that used nuclear weapons on another. I guess the 100's of thousands of US troop deaths would have been better.

cantstandbush My friends, the ONLY nation to ever have used nuclear weapons on human beings is the United States. Do not lose sight of this fact. Understand what prompts others to seek similar weapons of mass destruction. What nations currently occupy another's country or land? Unless i am mistaken, only two now that Syria is out of Lebanon. Look, see, learn, think, understand. (in other words, we're Evil. Funny, cantstandbush makes a good case for not allowing North Korea and Iran have nuclear weapons)

And, how about the liberals version of debate?

Human Torch C&L Audio Clip: Adam Carolla to (M)Ann Coulter: "Alright, well, get lost" (well, that was mature. But, coming from someone who uses a comic book hero's name…..)

Most people see movies for entertainment, especially in the summer. Not the DUmmies.

Ken Lay isn't actually, you know, dead.

Dummies prove that if you do not toe the Party line, you are toast. Ask Joe L.

Oh, and civil liberties, that thing that the loons complain is being destroyed, is so important that the first page of the DU Civil Liberties forum goes back into March. Guess it isn't that important, eh?

Anyhow, visit the DUmmie FUnnies for lots more wackadoodles.

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