Dems Troll For Latino Voters

Hey, don't blame me, I didn't write it originally, the AFP did in their headline: Dems Use World Cup To Troll For Latino Votes

Latinos who tuned in to Sunday's World Cup football finals on Spanish language US stations might have noticed a new political recruiting tool — TV and radio ads targeting the soccer-loving voters among them.

Democrats have launched an aggressive two-million dollar advertising campaign during international football's quadrennial extravaganza give to woo Latinos, whose votes and party affiliation are seen as being up for grabs.

More pandering. But, they aren't quite sure who they are pandering to

Both Democrats and Republicans are eager to capture a bigger share of the Hispanic vote, one of the fastest-growing segments of the US electorate. With this campaign Democrats have fired the opening salvo in that battle, Garcia said.

"We did it at a time when no one else was focusing on it. Think about the priority we placed on the Hispanic voter," Joe Garcia said.

"For the 2006 (election) cycle, this is where the conversation is begun," he told AFP.

"At the same time that the Republican party is saying 'Go home. Get out of this country, we don't want you here," we've got a campaign that's basically saying, 'Join our team'," said Garcia.

Is Mr. Garcia implying that the Democratic Party is wooing latino's in the U.S. legally (but not for citizenship) and illegally? Does he understand that, no matter how many hysterics and lawsuits and shennenigans the Dems try, it is illegal and un-Constitutional for non-US citizens to vote? He sure doesn't seem to understand what the debate is about. Or, he does, but like a good little sheeple Democrat he is changing the dynamics of the debate due to an inability to debate the the real issue.

I also have to wonder if he really thinks people pay that much attention to the commercials when they are spread out and not about beer during a sporting event.

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One Response to “Dems Troll For Latino Voters”

  1. JulieB says:

    and why not? Oh wait. What did they say the Democrats stand for? And that citizenship issue? help us all . . .

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