Former Rented Dem VP Candidate Calls For War On Poverty

Breck Girl makes a reappearence (sorry, couldn't resist this political story):

Former vice presidential candidate John Edwards, who is mulling over a run for the presidency in 2008, called for withdrawal from Iraq within the next 18 months, and for the U.S. government to launch another war _ on poverty _ in a speech Friday at the National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women's conference.

Edwards, a former Democratic senator from North Carolina who now directs a poverty research center at the University of North Carolina, couldn't resist a few partisan jabs at the current administration, calling the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina "a failure of presidential leadership."

His comments drew applause from the largely Democratic conference attendees, who cheered Edwards' calls for a rise in the minimum wage, expansion of earned income tax credits and expanded regulations for the check-cashing industry.

A few points:

  1. Wouldn't it be helpful if the Democrats win the first War On Poverty, launched during the LBJ administration? All those years owning congress, 4 years of Carter, and 8 of Clinton, and so far the Dems policies are failures. All they have done is create a welfare sub-population, dependent on the gov't.
  2. The Dems, and Edwards', plans to fight said WOP haven't changed an iota.
  3. Increasing the minimum wage doesn't help those who won't work. (BTW, I agree that there needs to be an increase up to about $7.00, but not for juveniles, or slop work.)
  4. Presidential contender? The dude wasn't even going to be able to keep his Senate seat representing North Carolina! Even the very liberal papers called him Senator Gone, and the local Dems asked him to step aside.
  5. Earned Income Tax credits? Sounds like they are giving breaks to a certain subsection of the population to the detriment of others who work.
  6. I will agree with him on the check-cashing industry. At least the mafia is up front about sucking a person deeper and deeper. Of course, we do not need a true blood sucking lawyer who has caused enormous harm to North Carolina's obstetrics industry telling us about the harm that caused by the check cashing industry.


State Sen. Jackie Winters, a Republican from Salem, said after the Friday speech she would have liked to hear more specifics about job creation from Edwards.

"Politicians are good at doing platitudes," said Winters, whom the Bush administration recruited to challenge U.S. Democratic Rep. Darlene Hooley in 2004, but who wound up losing the GOP primary. "I think the creation of jobs is what ends poverty. If you have a job, you don't need someone else to do things for you."

Remember when Kerry/Edwards said they would make Christopher Reeves walk?

"The hurricane (Katrina) showed the face of poverty in this country," (Edwards) said. "The whole world saw those pictures from New Orleans. Is the richest country on the planet going to turn its back on 37 million people?"

The face of New Orleans poverty was created by Liberal/Democratic initiatives and policies. Clean your own house first, John.

On another note, I would just like to say that I am please that his wife has recovered from her bought with breast cancer.

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4 Responses to “Former Rented Dem VP Candidate Calls For War On Poverty”

  1. nettie says:

    I dreamed about Breck.

  2. Do they still make that shampoo?

  3. beth says:

    Yes, they still make Breck.

    So John Edwards is running for President. I’m sure he feels if he’d be on the top of the ticket last time they would have won.

    You are right about New Orleans – the nannie state mentality can take complete responsibility for that mess.

  4. It would be funny if he got the nomination. The guy has done nothing in 4 years. Actually, he did nothing in the 6 years he was a Senator. Like Gore, he would lose his home state.

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