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Since Julie With A B has been missing for a bit (Real Life – hi, Julie Bye), and I just do not want to deal with the MSM's and the Surrender Monkeys constant negativity, here thouest goes(eth)

 William Penn, the founder and mayor of Philadelphia, had two aunts – Hattie and Sophia – who were skilled in the baking arts. One day, "Big Bill" was petitioned by the citizens of his town because the three bakeries in the town had, during the Revolution, raised the price of pies to the point that only the rich could afford them.

Not wanting to challenge the bakeries directly, he turned to his aunts and asked their advice. But when they had heard the story, the two old ladies were so incensed over the situation that they offered to bake 100 pies themselves, and sell them for 2 cents lower that any of the bakeries were charging.

It was a roaring success. Their pies sold out quickly, and very soon they had managed to bring down the price of all kinds of pastry in Philadelphia.

In fact, even to this very day, their acheivements are remembered as the remarkable Pie rates of Penn's aunts

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2 Responses to “Pun Of The Day”

  1. heldmyw says:

    There is a special place in hell… probably near Michael Moore and Hitler for people who contrive stuff like that.

    And now I have to copy it and send it to everyone I know!

  2. yeah, it was pretty bad, eh?

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