Stop The ACLU Blogburst 5/25/06

Yes, it is that time again, folks. Time to take the ACLU to task and expose them for the power mad hypocrites and dictators they are.

Down here in North Carolina, the ACLU is having its normal hissy fit

Racial profiling complaints in North Carolina have risen as people have become more comfortable with the idea following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the American Civil Liberties Union said Thursday.

Eight in 10 Americans disapproved of racial profiling before 9/11, ACLU representatives said during a forum on the issue at UNC Asheville.

About one-third disapprove today, the civil rights group said.

“If you are young and African-American or Hispanic, you can count on three things: death, taxes and harassment by the police,” ACLU lawyer Reginald Shuford said.

Once again, the ACLU, like Leftist, excuse me, Progressive, groups are want to do, overstates the issue as well as making it about something else.

Most people still probably do not care for racial profiling, but, like before 9/11, most seemed to approve of profiling, except for the 8 in 10 who were ACLU members. If a white kid in a Beemer is cruising in a bad neighborhood at night which is a know drug area, the police should profile him. If a group of people, black, white, Hispanic, are cruising a fancy area in a beat up hoopty mobile, wearing dark clothes, the police should profile them. If Salaami Salaami and several other Arabic looking men are going into the airport, wearing jackets in 85 degree weather, they should be profiled. Period.

It’s funny, though. With the ACLU complaining about racial profiling complaints, the actual events do not seem to make the news. I generally check quite a few news sources around NC, yet, no complaints, and the media loves these types of stories. Does the ACLU have actual evidence? Or just more wishful thinking about issues that fill their coffers?

The only racial profiling people seem to approve of is that of arabic looking men, and with good reason. They don’t, and I don’t, approve of profiling other people simply because of skin color. That is wrong. But profiling, which the ACLU would like to ban altogether, serves a purpose, and will always serve a purpose, as long as there are bad people in the world.

I wonder how the ACLU feels about saying nasty things and taking actions against people simply because they look and talk like Christians?

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